Fake News Report Teases GTA: Gay Tony


There’s trouble afoot in Liberty City, and Weazel News is on the scene to report live as it happens in this Ballad of Gay Tony promo video released by Rockstar.

Man, Liberty City must be a really crappy place to live in. I mean, not only do you have the regular noise, congestion, and pollution of the real-life New York City, but it seems like every other day something’s blowing up, or chickens are getting sniped and exploding in a poof of feathers. Strangely enough, it seems like all these incidents happen whenever one particular Northwood Dominican gang member – Luis Fernando Lopez – is in the picture. Bah, that’s probably just a coincidence.

Presented in the over-the-top and tongue-in-cheek style of GTA‘s own radio shows (or The Onion), this Weazel News report covers some of the new methods of destruction available in The Ballad of Gay Tony, from sticky explosives, auto-shotguns, and explosive ammunition to the old GTA standby – the military attack helicopter.

While it’s certainly amusing enough to watch even in low resolution, I recommend viewing it in glorious high-definition if only to read the news ticking across the feed below: “Swine Flu Scared by Woman in Mask,” “Economy Still Getting Good Ratings, Say TV Networks,” “Magicians ‘Not Creepy’ Claim Union.”

Gay Tony will be released on October 29 in both digital form via Xbox Live and as part of a physical retail collection called Episodes from Liberty City, which includes both Gay Tony and the previous DLC expansion, The Lost and Damned.

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