Steven Spielberg is jumping in the pool of apocalypse television with Falling Skies, which starts next summer on basic cable.

AMC’s The Walking Dead has brought a cinematic, apocalyptic tale to cable television, with zombies as antagonists. Now, the alien apocalypse is getting its turn. Steven Spielberg’s Falling Skies starts next summer on TNT, and the show has just released a trailer (or “exclusive preview,” as it calls itself).

The trailer begins post-invasion, with children voicing over their crayoned drawings to provide ominous exposition, such as “We weren’t gonna attack them with the nuclear bombs because they might’a wanted to be friends. But they didn’t want to be friends. Not at all.” We don’t get a great look at the aliens, but judging from some of these kids’ art, they look pretty toothy.

The show stars Noah Wylie as what Empire describes as “a former college professor trying to keep a group of civilians and soldiers safe during a full-on alien invasion.” Moon Bloodgood (Terminator Salvation) will play therapist to all those kids, and Colin Cunningham (Stargate SG-1) is also along for the ride.

Steven Spielberg is the executive producer, and Falling Skies is written by Robert Dodat (Saving Private Ryan) and directed by Carl Franklin (Rome, The Riches).

Source: Empire

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