Not all glitches are created equal.

A Fallout 4 exploit that gives you access to an “unlimited” number of caps – the in-game currency – has been discovered. YouTuber ZibbeZabbe posted a video of the exploit yesterday. Essentially, when entering into a barter, this glitch recognizes an abundance of ammunition that is not actually present, and results in the vendor owing you a significant number of caps. While you will only be walking away with the maximum number the vendor started with, you will be able to use what they owe you in order to purchase their entire inventory. You can find out exactly how to do it below.

1. Head to a vendor and enter into a barter. Decide which ammo type you want to use.
2. In the vendor’s inventory (right), select a type of ammo and purchase all of it. DO NOT finalize the deal by hitting ‘accept’ the second time.
4. In your inventory (left), sell back one of the same ammunition that you just ‘bought.’ Again, do not finalize by hitting ‘accept’ the second time.
5. In your inventory again, select the rest of the ammo and sell them all back. You will be left with one. Continue pressing the ‘sell’ button, and the number of bottle caps on your side will go up. Once the vendor owes you a bunch of caps, you can purchase the rest of their inventory.
6. Once you’ve selected everything you want from the vendor, accept the trade. While you will only end up walking away with however many caps the vendor has on hand, you can also walk away with their entire stock – which is what you’d be using the caps on anyway.


As of the time of this posting, the glitch is still present. Bethesda is probably going to fix this soon, so if you want it, you better hurry.

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