Bethesda Softworks confirmed when when it comes to Fallout 4‘s fps, frame rate never changes.

We may be well into the latest console generation but like war, one thing never changes – the ability to offer high frame rates on consoles. This time the offender is none other than Fallout 4, which Bethesda confirmed would be limited to 30 fps on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. On the plus side 1080p will be standard while the PC version has no frame rate limitations – but that likely won’t matter to fans and Vault Dwellers hoping this game would be different

The information was first revealed during an E3 interview last week, and confirmed on Bethesda’s Twitter account today. “Fallout 4 is 1080p & 30fps on Xbox One and PS4,” the post reads. “Resolution and fps are not limited in any way on the PC.”

Now before we attack Bethesda about Fallout 4‘s frame rate – or attack the attackers by suggesting no one would notice a difference – let’s remember this is the same challenge Assassin’s Creed: Unity faced last year. It’s unlikely that software developers have fixed the technical hurdles yet, especially for a game world that’s probably bigger than Ubisoft’s Paris.

Yet at the same time, I get the frustration. This is Fallout 4 for Dogmeat’s sake – if any game was going to usher in a consistently high console frame rate, you’d think a series this groundbreaking had the best chance. That said, I’m sure it won’t impact Fallout 4‘s gameplay when it launches on Nov. 10, 2015.

Source: Twitter

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