Fallout: New Vegas: There Will Be Vaults


In a last-minute Fallout: New Vegas Q&A, Executive Producer Jason Bergman reveals that while the Strip is the centerpiece of the upcoming game, players will still have plenty of opportunities to go spelunking in the Vaults.

New Vegas is just a few days away but fans are still clamoring for information, wanting to know everything they can short of outright spoilers about the game. Fortunately, Bergman has the answers and he shared many of them in one final Q&A on the PlayStation Blog.

First and foremost, the infamous Vegas strip has been the center of attention thus far but rest assured, there will be Vaults. “We have five different Vaults in the game. They serve as unique dungeons, and depending on what path you follow through the main storyline, you may have to venture into one of them to retrieve something.” The Nevada wasteland is also “littered with abandoned (and not-so-abandoned) locations for you to explore,” he added.

He also had the lowdown on the new “Hardcore Mode” the game will offer, which I think sounds pretty awesome. “Hardcore Mode can be turned on or off at any time, although if you want the Hardcore trophy, you have to turn it on when initially prompted and leave it that way all the way to the end of the game,” he explained. “When it’s on, players will have to eat, sleep, and drink water every day. In addition, ammo has weight, companions can die, Stimpaks heal over time, and damaged limbs can only be healed with a Doctor’s Bag. While you can fast travel in Hardcore Mode, you can’t if the time it would take to get you there would result in the player dying from dehydration/exhaustion/starvation.”

The new Fallout game will have a level cap of 30 and while Obsidian “has a plan” for DLC, Bergman said that gamers won’t be able to continue playing once the main quest is completed. “Fallout: New Vegas has a real ending, that shows the results of your actions throughout the game and how they affected the different factions, locations and people you encountered,” he said.

Bergman answers a pile of other questions ranging from how much drive space the game will chew up to what the city of New Vegas is going to look like, so if you just can’t wait until Tuesday to find out for yourself you can get the full low-down at the European PlayStation Blog. Fallout: New Vegas comes out on October 19 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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