Fallout Shelter Update 1.4 Out Now, Trailer Shows Off New Features


The newest update for Fallout Shelter, update 1.4, has released, along with a fun new trailer.

Bethesda today released a trailer to accompany the new update for Fallout Shelter. As previously reported, the update introduces junk items, which can be collected by dwellers out exploring the wasteland and as an extra reward in lunchbox bundles. These materials can be used in the also newly added crafting system and accompanying crafting rooms, to create weapons or outfits.

The update also adds a barbershop room, more weapons and outfits, and more styles of dogs and cats, as well as the introduction of parrots.

Fallout Shelter was announced as an iOS mobile title at E3 in June, making its way to Android devices in August. The game brought it $5 million in its first two weeks.

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