Fallout Shelter v1.4 Update to Add New Rooms, Crafting System

Fallout Shelter 1.4

Vault simulator to receive expansive update soon.

Fallout Shelter, Bethesda’s runaway mobile hit, is about to get a lot bigger. The v1.4 update, due to release this week, will introduce “junk” items and a new crafting system.

Junk can be collected by dwellers sent to explore the wasteland and will also be added as a fifth reward in “lunchbox” bundles players can earn in-game or purchase through microtransactions. The material can then be spent to create weapons or outfits in the two new crafting rooms coming with the update.

Dwellers will be more customizable with the addition of a barbershop room for the vault, which allows the player to change the look of any of their charges. The update will also add more weapons and outfits found in Fallout 4.

Even pets are getting expanded, with more styles of dog and cat pets available and new bonuses for having them. If you prefer your animal companions to be of the winged variety, you’ll be happy to learn that parrots will be an option also.

I finally managed to break free from the obsessive hold Fallout Shelter had on me at the start of the year, the rate of my progress slowed to a point where further effort didn’t seem worthwhile. The possibility of being able to fill in the collectible gaps through crafting exerts some pull, though, and I fear I’m about to tumble back to the vault again. God help me.

Source: Bethesda

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