Amazon Prime Fallout TV show series adaptation enters production 2022 showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet Graham Wagner

A year and a half since we first heard about the Fallout TV show for Amazon from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the creative team behind Westworld, the showrunners and first production details have been revealed. According to Deadline, Nolan will be handling directorial duties for the Fallout TV premiere, which is set to enter production at some point later this year. Meanwhile, Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain MarvelTomb Raider) and Graham Wagner (Silicon Valley, The Office) will be the showrunners.

Fallout will be based on Bethesda Softworks’ video game franchise of the same name, which usually casts players as unnamed adventurers sent out into darkly comedic post-apocalyptic wastelands. The games use a 1950s-inspired retro-futuristic aesthetic. At present, it’s unknown where this series will sit within the broader universe of the games, which has previously taken players to the blasted remains of various American locales, including Washington DC, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, and West Virginia.

Amazon Studios and Nolan and Joy’s Kilter Films will produce Fallout, in association with Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Game Studios. When it launches, it will be just one of the powerhouse spec-fi adaptations on Amazon’s Prime streaming service alongside The Wheel of Time, The Lord of the Rings, and, reportedly, Mass Effect.

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