Super Meat Boy was crazy enough before a fan gave him a buzzsaw eyepatch and put him on the streets of a futuristic city.

If you’ve ever seen the opening credits of an action-based anime, you’d know that they tend to have a rocking soundtrack combined with characters from the show doing all sorts of crazy things. If Team Meat’s Super Meat Boy were to get its own anime series, a fan has created the perfect opening in the same style using 3D animation.

22-year-old Joseph Manalaysay put together a short video he calls Bandage Get!!! that is an absolutely kick-ass take on Super Meat Boy. Manalaysay’s version of Meat Boy is a cross between Solid Snake and Team Meat’s cube, giving him a buzzsaw eyepatch and a detailed set of metal bracers.

Solid Meat is animated hopping his ass off in what could be the buildings of a futuristic Tokyo. As he narrowly avoids danger with ease, splashing blood all over everything just like in the game, Solid Meat comes up against a boss and, of course, ignores him to collect a bandage. It’s totally worth the trouble.

Bandages are a collectible in Super Meat Boy that unlock secret characters. Manalaysay’s video captures the feeling of Super Meat Boy‘s levels, which often require a tough sacrifice to collect them, and is just so slick I can’t express it in words. Now we need Manalaysay to create a full series that gives Meat Boy a gravely voice and a look at his home life.

Source: Team Meat

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