Fan Remakes World of Warcraft in StarCraft


As it turns out, the StarCraft II map editor is so powerful, it can make Blizzard’s other games, too.

Back when the StarCraft II Galaxy Editor was first released, a fan created a MarioKart-type game after barely a day. That really should have clued us in to how versatile the thing was. Now, you have custom maps of all shapes and sizes, from Tetris to rail shooters to … WoW?

Yep, as you can see above, at least one gamer is trying to cross the streams of online gaming by mixing Blizzard’s megapopular MMOG with its megapopular RTS. I’m pretty sure this violates at least two natural laws, but I’m not clear on which ones they are, exactly.

Okay, I may have been exaggerating a little bit. This isn’t actually WoW – there’s no real gameplay to speak of. It’s just somebody running around with an Alexstrasza model in a manner – and a world – highly reminiscent of Blizzard’s online monstrosity. What’s striking is how much it actually manages to look like WoW, albeit with some better graphics (and worse performance).

But man, just think of the potential here. What if someday, you could log into StarCraft II and start playing WoW or Diablo III – without ever leaving StarCraft?

Truly, it’s enough to make shivers run up one’s spine.

(Via Warcraft Twitter)

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