Fans Piece Together the Halo 4 Box Art



[lightbox] Like a jigsaw puzzle, but with super soldiers.

It’s always fun to get a first glimpse at the box art for a highly anticipated upcoming game. It’s a sneak peek all on its own, and a taste of just how the publisher is intending to market this game to the masses. But while anybody can just send out a press release with various image files attached, Microsoft and 343 Industries did something cool with that Halo 4 box art: They made their fans put it together.

By that I don’t mean that they made their fans design the box art, of course – that would just be asking for trouble. Halo fans were sent one of 32 image fragments that each made up a portion of the box art, and collaborated with other fans on sites like NeoGAF to work the whole thing out. And work it out they did.

Frankly, I think this box art is fantastic. It’s Master Chief as we know him, suited up and in an “ass-kicking is thoroughly imminent” pose. On the other hand, he’s in a pose reminiscent of the Halo: Reach Armor Lock ability, suggesting that perhaps somebody has just failed to kick his ass, and a reciprocal kicking thereof will shortly be on its way.

Also, there’s some big, blue… thing in the sky that looks like it’s tearing everything around it to shreds and drawing it in. Maybe that’s what Master Chief is about to fight. Does it even have an ass to kick? I don’t actually know, but I’m sure somebody in the comments will answer that question for me.

A cool little mini-ARG with fans reveals a snazzy-looking piece of box art. This was a win all around, I’ll say.

Source: NeoGAF

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