Fantastic Four Reboot Delayed Again

fantastic four delay

Fox delays the Josh Trank-directed superhero reboot for a second time

That no one has seen more than the tiniest teases of Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot has been a Hollywood curiosity for awhile now, and it looks like the wait could be even longer: Buried amid the news about the Deadpool movie being set up for February 2016 were release-date changes to multiple other Fox projects, including Four being pushed from it’s original June 19th 2015 spot to August 7th. The Michael Fassbender-starring Assassin’s Creed adaptation that had originally claimed the August 7 spot has in turn been pushed to 2016 on the grounds that it will not be finished in time.

Four will reportedly be replaced in the June spot by Paper Towns, a young-adult romance Fox is hoping will perform similarly to its own The Fault in Our Stars in a similar spot this year. While a June opening-spot would traditionally be reserved for films a studio is confident will become major hits, August has often been thought of as a “dumping ground” for releases in which studios have little confidence. However, that logic was challenged this year when Marvel Studios’ August-opening Guardians of The Galaxy became the #1 film of the year (so far).

The film, which is being directed by Chronicle’s Josh Trank, has been the subject of much controversy among fans based on rumors of major deviations from the lore and aesthetic of the famous Marvel comic characters. Miles Teller stars as Mr. Fantastic, with Kate Mara as Invisible Woman, Jamie Bell as The Thing and Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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