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FAR: Changing Tides, an atmospheric, post-apocalyptic adventure set almost entirely on a rickety old boat, now has a release date of March 1, 2022, for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S. Developer Okomotive and publisher Frontier Foundry announced the Far: Changing Tides release date in a new trailer today that highlights the rough waters that await. It also showcases some of the boat’s unique features, such as the ability to transform into an oversized rowboat or submarine depending on the player’s needs.

Changing Tides is the follow-up to Okomotive’s Far: Lone Sails. This time around, the developer is promising “bigger, deeper challenge” as players use new mechanics to explore uncharted seas. Another new addition is the protagonist — Toe — who wakes up to find himself stranded in a drowning world. The relationship between Toe and his ship in the search to find a new home is the crux of the story in Far: Changing Tides. As Okomotive co-founder and lead artist Don Schmocker explained in a post at the PlayStation.Blog, “The relationship is a symbiotic one(;) the ship won’t sail without Toe to control the sails or oars, and Toe can’t overcome certain obstacles without the ship.”

Schmocker further elaborated on the atmosphere of the game: “For FAR: Changing Tides, we wanted to ensure that we captured that same familiar, meditative atmosphere whilst offering players a fresh, thought-provoking experience. We’ve expanded on the setting seen in Lone Sails but instead of sun-scorched, dusty plains, players will face stormy waters and submerged cities.”

Fully exploring the story and learning the secrets of FAR: Changing Tides‘ world will mean finding lost items and digging into sunken structures. With this comes new verticality, as players will often find themselves diving underwater.

With a release date set, you can preorder FAR: Changing Tides on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox now, though you’ll have to wait until February to preorder on Switch.

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