People have played so much FarmVille that they’ve caused imaginary farms to yield edible product.

DarkFarmer over on FarmVille Freak made an interesting discovery while “doing errands” at his local 7-Eleven convenience store. We all know he was probably just getting a Big Bite and a Slurpee to wash away the sadness that comes with regular FarmVille play, but that’s besides the point. Mr. DarkFarmer discovered that 7-Eleven now sells ice cream labeled with the FarmVille name.

FarmVille ice cream retails for $2.29 and comes with a code to input into the game to presumably get some piece of FarmVille sh*t. If you open the container though, there’s nothing inside. Virtual milk cannot make real ice cream, after all. It appears vanilla is the only imaginary flavor revealed as of yet.

The ice cream is part of a larger Zynga/7-Eleven cross-promotion that includes FarmVille Big Gulp/Slurpee cups and a Goji Berry Slurpee. These cups will also likely have useless codes on them that people won’t realize are useless until a rage-quit. With the massive popularity of FarmVille, we can only hope that this is not the beginning of a larger takeover of the entire food industry.

Source: FarmVille Freak

Image via FarmVille Freak

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