Fear Street Trilogy Fear Street Part 1: 1994, Netflix, R.L. Stine

Netflix has set the stage for its Fear Street trilogy with a spooky trailer for Fear Street Part 1: 1994. The streamer debuted the video today, offering up a glimpse at how it brought R.L. Stine’s original book series to life with a slightly more mature tone and an R rating. Set in the town of Shadyside, the tease introduces a few members of the circle of friends before they come face to face with an ancient evil that has haunted the area for hundreds of years. Viewers will be taken to Shadyside when Fear Street Part 1: 1994 comes to Netflix this Friday, July 2. Until then, get a taste with the video below.

Fear Street Part 1: 1994 kicks off a month’s worth of scares from the trilogy, as Netflix has scheduled the second and third parts to premiere throughout July. Fear Street Part 2: 1978 will take us back a bit when it comes a week later on July 9. Then a week later on July 16, the trilogy will conclude with Fear Street Part 3: 1666, which is likely to have a considerably different tone. We got a broad look at this adaptation of Stine’s stories earlier this month with a trailer that showed off glimpses of the entire trilogy, but now we have a closer look at Fear Street Part 1: 1994.

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