Feast Your Eyes On The Latest Captain America Trailer


A new trailer for Captain America has just surfaced, and it seems safe to assume that it’s going to continue the run of solid Marvel movies this summer.

Captain America is due out in theaters next month, and it’s been generally assumed/hoped that it’ll be pretty decent, based on all the early information that’s surfaced so far. That said, there hasn’t been a trailer that really showed off what the movie’s going to be like. Until now, that is. Oh, and it looks great.

This new trailer does a really nice view of giving a general overview to what the movie is going to be about. It shows Steve Rogers’s feeble beginnings, how he stands out from his fellow soldiers thanks to his inner strength, what he becomes, and who he’ll end up fighting against (side note: How great does the Red Skull look?). Not only that, but the footage looks pretty lush, though that’s unsurprising, considering director Joe Johnston’s movies tend to look brilliant (even if the scripts aren’t always that solid).

Marvel’s had a really good summer so far when it comes to movies. Thor was fun, X-Men: First Class was great, and it looks like Captain America could very well be the best of the three. If nothing else, we certainly know it’s going to be a helluvalot better than Green Lantern.

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