FFXIII Demo Drives Big Advent Children Sales


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete had the biggest release day sales for any Blu-Ray yet in Japan, no doubt because Advent Children is an immaculate work of cinema that everyone should own.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children broke sales records for Blu-Ray in Japan when it released was released last week by selling more than 100,000 copies on the first day of its release. Doesn’t seem like much by general media consumption standards, but as Kotaku points out, the best selling anime Blu-Ray in Japan last year only took in 34,742 copies.

The movie, which is a revised and updated version of the CG flick that captured the minds and hearts of Cloud Strife fanboys in 2005, features 30 more minutes of footage and an anime adaptation of a Final Fantasy VII mini-movie starring key Advent Children figure Denzel.

Advent Children Complete was such a sales success, in fact, that it’s starting to look like it even drove PS3 sales up. The week before the film’s release, the PS3 sold 16,701 units. The week it came out, according to early data, the PS3 sold 57,000 units.

It’s a beautiful, stirring and profound film, full of soul and visual wonder. If you’re wondering why Advent Children Complete sold so many copies, look no further than its consummate artistry and true mastery of the cinematic narrative form.

Also, there was a Final Fantasy XIII demo that came with it.

The US release is scheduled for June 2nd, though the demo is, at this point, not planned to be included.


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