We’d like to thank everyone who’s submitted, or has planned to submit, a piece of fiction for our first-ever fiction-only issue of The Escapist. The pieces we’ve received so far have been excellent, and we’re going to have a hell of a time picking only five out of such a rich pool of fascinating fiction.

As a reminder to anyone submitting a piece of fiction, we are only accepting completed stories or 2,000 words or less. Please send your fiction submissions to: [email protected]. The deadline for fiction submissions is January 14th.

We’d originally planned to cut off submissions for the fiction issue on December 31st, to allow extra time for us to recover from the holidays and read all those stories. This is the date we still have on some of our internal calendars. Unfortunately the public calendar shows January 14th as the deadline, and so, to avoid completely confusing everyone (we don’t count) we’ll honor that deadline.

If you’ve received notice from us stating your submission came in past the deadline and will not be considered, please resubmit your work and we will be happy to review it for possible inclusion in the fiction issue.

Thanks again to our contributors for the excellent submissions. We’re looking forward to sharing them with everyone else. The Fiction Issue, Issue 143, publishes on April 1st, 2008. Somehow we feel this is appropriate.

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