An unofficial trailer may have stumbled on an approach to Wonder Woman that gets everyone excited (except for Nazis).

Wonder Woman is a character that’s had some very mixed receptions. On the one hand, people love her; she’s arguably the most popular female superhero ever created, and stands as an equal alongside Batman and Superman. On the other hand, she’s had horrible luck being taken seriously outside of her comic book, with most TV and film adaptations falling to the wayside. Now with a possible Justice League movie coming down the pipe, many are wondering how Wonder Woman could be made relevant for all audiences. One intriguing possibility is to avoid modern depictions altogether, setting her adventures in a historically distinct and recognizable time period. Stuntman and filmmaker Jesse V. Johnson may have hit that nail on the head with a fan trailer pitting Wonder Woman against the greatest villains of the 20th Century: The forever-despised Nazis.

The trailer depicts Nina Bergman as Wonder Woman, a less-than-glamorous Nazi prisoner subjected to interrogations and brutal physical torture. The viewer discovers that Diana has emerged from the otherwise secluded Themyscira on a mission of peace: halting the German war machine before it engulfs the world and threatens her people. The Nazis, naturally, mock her feeble attempts to stop them before locking her away in a cold dark room. Of course, that’s the part where she escapes, and I think you can figure out the rest.

Even though most fans were probably sold at “Wonder Woman” and “Nazis”, it’s worth noting this isn’t some filmed-in-a-backyard trailer. This fan project features more than one professional actor, most notably Fargo and Constantine‘s Peter Stormare as a possible Nazi interrogator. Johnson himself also knows his way around an action scene, having done stunt co-ordination for Avatar, Tintin, Thor, and a great many others.

If those credentials make this project sound like the Mortal Kombat trailer that became official, that’s exactly what Johnson and company are hoping for. The film is essentially a proof-of-concept that Wonder Woman could stand toe-to-toe with Iron Man and Avengers on the big screen, and after watching this I’m inclined to agree. Obviously, Warner Bros. would have to approve a feature film, so all we may end up with is an impressive-looking trailer. Still, given that Warner Bros. has a history of such greenlights, the idea may not be far-fetched after all.

Source: Latino Review, via IGN

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