How much do some UK Final Fantasy fans hate the Xbox 360? They hate it this much.

Earlier this week, The Koalition was present at a major Final Fantasy XIII launch event in London Oxford Circus, where guests of honor included producer Yoshinori Kitase and art director Isamu Kamikokuryo.

At the event, an on-stage contest was announced with the prize a coveted FF13 console bundle. The only problem: The console in question was the Xbox 360. Apparently, the fans weren’t very fond of the idea of getting a 360, and the assembled throng erupted into boos directed at the presenter. Don’t shoot the messenger, guys!

It’s surprising that the crowd as a whole seemed to be so against the 360 – given that this was heavily hyped as being a the first multiplatform “proper” Final Fantasy, where were all the Xbox 360 fanboys at the event? And is it really so bad that a wider range of people get to experience the game, guys?

Oh, right. Fanboys. Logic does not apply here.

(Via N4G)

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