Final Fantasy Fans Boo Xbox 360 at London Event


How much do some UK Final Fantasy fans hate the Xbox 360? They hate it this much.

Earlier this week, The Koalition was present at a major Final Fantasy XIII launch event in London Oxford Circus, where guests of honor included producer Yoshinori Kitase and art director Isamu Kamikokuryo.

At the event, an on-stage contest was announced with the prize a coveted FF13 console bundle. The only problem: The console in question was the Xbox 360. Apparently, the fans weren’t very fond of the idea of getting a 360, and the assembled throng erupted into boos directed at the presenter. Don’t shoot the messenger, guys!

It’s surprising that the crowd as a whole seemed to be so against the 360 – given that this was heavily hyped as being a the first multiplatform “proper” Final Fantasy, where were all the Xbox 360 fanboys at the event? And is it really so bad that a wider range of people get to experience the game, guys?

Oh, right. Fanboys. Logic does not apply here.

(Via N4G)

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