Final Fantasy IV Sequel Coming To XBLA?


A mysterious URL on the Japanese Xbox site suggests that some kind of Final Fantasy IV game will be coming to the Xbox 360.

Seems there’s a Final Fantasy 4 page indexed on the Japanese Xbox site, which implies plenty in and of itself, but if you actually go to the URL, you’ll be forwarded to a page with a “/” appended to the end. The address leads to an error page that doesn’t actually have any information or content, but here’s the interesting part: Try doing the same with “finalfantasyv” or “finalfantasyexotica” and you’ll get the same error page, but not the “/” part at the end. Which would suggest that there’s something up with Final Fantasy IV, otherwise there wouldn’t be any “details” of which to speak.

1UP, who uncovered the mystery URL to begin with, seems to believe that this all indicates an XBLA port of Final Fantasy IV: The After, a cell phone-only sequel to Final Fantasy IV which is written and directed by the original director of FFIV. Only last week, Square-Enix announced a commitment to pubish “popular titles – as well as original content – on Xbox Live Arcade.” The first two titles the company is releasing on XBLA, Yosumin Live and Crystal Defenders, are both ports of cell phone games, so it’s not hard to believe that Square has the same thing in mind for The After.

That’s all well and good for Japanese Xbox owners, but what about the rest of us? Well, Crystal Defenders, which has been indirectly confirmed for the US by an ESRB rating, is also on WiiWare and PlayStation Network. Fingers crossed the same thing happens for Final Fantasy IV: The After.

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