Final Fantasy VI Boss Battle Transformed into 9-Foot Painting


Chris Olian has recreated Final Fantasy VI‘s climactic battle with Kefka as an epic art piece that took more than 200 hours to paint.

If Final Fantasy VI only one thing going for it (it actually has many things going for it), it would probably be the fact that it can lay claim to one of the most incredible final boss battles of all time. The climactic, multi-stage brawl with Kefka is just flat out epic, combining stunning visuals and one of the greatest pieces of music ever put in a video game to create a battle that borders on transcendent.

Obviously recognizing the greatness of this sequence, artist Chris Olian set out to recreate it as a piece of literal, physical art. The end result of his project is an uncannily accurate painting that spans 9-feet, three canvases and contains a whopping 111,747 painted pixels. According to Olian, the project on the whole took more than 200 hours to complete.

Olian first began work on his Kefka painting back in 2009 but halted the project, and painting altogether, following the death of his father. It would take another three years before he’d pick up paintbrush again. With the art piece finally finished, Olian now intends to donate it to the Child’s Play Charity Dinner auction where he hopes it will help raise funds for the organization and its work. In the mean time, Final Fantasy fans interested in seeing the painting in person will be able to visit it at the TooManyGames convention in Philadelphia later this month. Olian will also be bringing the painting to Baltimore’s Bit Gen event in July and the CGE Retro Con in September. People interested in seeing more of Olian’s work in general can check it out on his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.

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