Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is an “action racer”. Relive the Gold Saucer, now with micro-transactions!

Square Enix still isn’t ready to commit to remaking Final Fantasy VII, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of games to spin off of it. Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is an “action chaser” that revisits the admittedly awesome motorcycle sequences from the revered 1997 JRPG.

The game is headed to Android and iPhone (assuming you haven’t blown yours up), but since it was just announced at the Tokyo Game Show this week, there is no release date. Sure, this is just more milking of a 17 year old game with a huge reputation, but at least it’s free-to-play. Well, until you get to the In-App purchases.

The director of Final Fantasy VII, Yoshinori Kitase, stated earlier this year he would love to do a remake, but given the huge titles Square Enix is working on already, it still seems very unlikely.

With the Final Fantasy XV demo due in 2015 (and presumably the full game some years later) and Kingdom Hearts III coming out someday, the development side of the company has its hands full. Oh, and there is still the task of maintaining the MMO, Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike may not exactly be chocobo racing, but the trailer still calls out the Gold Saucer from the original game. The trailer also pulls off some nostalgia grabs with classic enemies from the original game, and a cameo from Tifa Lockhart.

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