Final Fantasy XIV Battle Recreated With 16-Bit Visuals


Square Enix has released a nifty video transforming a Final Fantasy XIV boss battle into a retro retread.

While it’s very much possible that I’m just biased by supreme love of Final Fantasy VI, I can’t help but think sometimes that Square Enix would be better off releasing nothing but Super Nintendo games for the rest of eternity. There was just something about the company during that era that seemed special and, in turn, it’s hard not to take notice whenever it revisits those long gone days.

For instance, Square Enix recently released a video recreating a boss fight from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in the style of a classic 16-bit RPG. The fight in question, a bout against the boss Titan, lasts about three minutes and involves a bevy of characters (ripped primarily from Final Fantasy V) duking it out with the gigantic beast in a pixelated battle royal that should very much tweak your nostalgia bone. For a peek at the modern version of the fight, feel free to check out this video.

This, of course, isn’t the first 16-bit video that Square Enix has put out recently. Back in January the company released a Final Fantasy XIII retrospective that used custom retro-styled visuals to catch prospective players up on the game’s story in advance preparation for the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Hopefully we’ll see more videos like this in the future. Granted, retro-style games would be better, but we’ll take what tidbits we can get.

Source: YouTube

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