Final Overwatch Short “Hero” Hits You in The Feels

The last of Blizzard’s Overwatch animated shorts features Solider 76.

Overwatch launches tomorrow, but before it does Blizzard has one last animated short, this time featuring everyone’s favorite generic FPS guy: Solider 76. Taking place on the Dorado map, the story follows a young Mexican girl as she gets into a bit of trouble, and how, true to Mercy’s battle cry, Solider 76 demonstrates that “heroes never die”.

The short also shows us a little bit more about the world of the game, expanding on what we learned in “Alive” – there is a lot of hostility towards “Omnics” (sentient robots), and everyone seems to think of the Overwatch organization in past tense.

Hero tells a familiar tale in the action genre – the kind-hearted viglinate, and Blizzard does a fantastic job pulling it off. The animation is absolutely Pixar-tier gorgeous, and the dialogue, while cheesy at times, really fits the characters. Forget Overwatch – the game, Blizzard should just make Overwatch – the movie already!

If you missed the other shorts, check them out here:

Overwatch launches tomorrow for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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