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Final Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Reveals Ganondorf, Dungeon-esque Areas

This morning, as promised, Nintendo revealed the third and final pre-launch trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which showcased both new story and gameplay elements, including the apparent return of Ganondorf and some dungeon-esque challenges. Producer Eiji Aonuma again appeared to introduce the new footage. The trailer begins with serene images of the islands we’ve been seeing for a while now, followed with Link plunging into its world via paraglider. Then it offers quick glimpses of a couple town settings, followed by glimpses of new threats and, yes, assorted challenges that feel dungeon-esque in nature, including working through puzzles in the sky and also diving through tunnels filled with lasers.

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As per usual, there is a lot to unpack in these tiny glimpses, so vigorous rewatching is encouraged. For instance, there is randomly a rocket item that launches Link into the air, and he’s also shown constructing a new vehicle to take on a mobile unit of the enemies’ own. Meanwhile, on the story front, Zelda says, “I know why I am here. It’s something only I can do,” and then it cuts to a tear-shaped item in her hands. There is also a three-headed dragon at the end that has the most spectacular Ghidora vibes, in addition to an appearance from the Champions. And there’s also the face of Ganondorf just straight-up being revealed on camera, which is uncharacteristically generous of a Tears of the Kingdom trailer.

This third and final pre-launch Tears of the Kingdom trailer follows a lengthy gameplay demonstration from Eiji Aonuma late last month that first revealed many of Link’s new powers for the game, such as Fuse and Ultrahand. With that gameplay combined with today’s new gameplay and story morsels, fans will be even more hungry for the May 12, 2023 release date of the game on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is also happy to remind you that a Tears of the Kingdom Nintendo Switch OLED is launching soon.

In an update, Nintendo shared official art for Ganondorf’s new look:

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