Find Every Hidden Gold Collectible in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

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Search creepy castles and undead burgs in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood for gold bar collectibles with step-by-step instructions to make earning every treasure easy.

These valuables don’t increase your cash reserves like in Wolfenstein (2009). They’re all about bragging rights and achievement or trophy unlockables. If you think about it collectibles aren’t so different from goblets and other score-increasing relics in Wolf 3D. There are a total of 64 spread around eight chapters; some are hidden behind trap doors, through revolving bookcases, or past puzzle boxes. Learn how to get BJ’s shirtless hands on each piece with the full guide below.

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Gold Collectibles Locations Guide

There are 8 hidden gold collectibles located in each of The Old Blood’s 8 chapters. The prologue features no gold collectibles.

Chapter 1

  • Gold Location #1: After climbing out of BJ’s cell with the new pipe melee weapon, crawl into the air duct and turn right. The gold is near the opening in the dead-end.
  • Gold Location #2: Later, you’ll have to sneak by super soldier guards on electrified rails. Through one of the energized doors, you’ll cross a metal bridge into another section with a cart on a track. Before pushing the cart down the track to use for cover, look in the corner to the right of the cart. The gold is on the floor.
  • Gold Location #3: Taking an elevator with a blue crate down into another hallway, a super soldier patrols down the path to the right. Exit the elevator and look on the left side of the protruding wall. There’s a cracked wall you can climb with pipes. Check the windowsill to find the gold.
  • Gold Location #4: Dropping into the kennels with patrolling guard dogs, enter the “C” vent, or the second vent on the right. Turn right in the vent and open the floor hatch. Drop down and search the dead-end sewer pipe.
  • Gold Location #5: In the sewers, climb the cracked wall to reach metal catwalks. Turn left and climb another cracked wall to enter another kennel. Go to the “E” duct and enter the cell on the left.
  • Gold Location #6: During the section with the angry Nazi robot dog clawing at the second floor pathway, use the air duct hatch to escape and drop down. Before sneaking forward, turn around and check out the small room. There’s gold, armor and other supplies.
  • Gold Location #7: In the waterway docks guarded by two commanders, cross the first metal bridge where the first officer patrols and turn right. There’s a small vent hole covered by two crates. Smash the crates and crawl through the vent to find gold and extra flare ammo.
  • Gold Location #8: Go to the switch that provides power to the escape boat in the same general area. Cross the bridge and look on a bench with armor to find the last gold collectible of the chapter.

Chapter 2

  • Gold Location #1: The first gold is found underwater in the dock. Go to the switch that opens the door with no boat. Look underwater beneath the capsized boat to find gold on the lake bed.
  • Gold Location #2: Riding the boat to the wooden dock guarded by two officers, enter the stone interior to the right. As you walk inside, there’s an officer patrolling up and down the center. Look between the stacked chairs in the right room.
  • Gold Location #3: Take the key from the officer’s desk and unlock the metal gate. Instead of dropping through the ruined floor, jump across and look around the corner on your right.
  • Gold Location #4: After falling into the catacomb, climb up the cracked wall with pipes, then smash the wooden boards blocking the path leading down on your right. The gold is in the tomb at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Gold Location #5: Past the underground church altar, you’ll need to navigate a narrow cavern passage up to another tomb. Turn right and look in the lower alcove as you enter.
  • Gold Location #6: In this same room, you should see a rat crawling up wooden beams. Follow it to a narrow vent-like path that leads to a drop. At the end of this secret area you’ll find gold resting on a wooden platform jutting out around the center of the catacomb.
  • Gold Location #7: Upon entering a cellar filled with wine barrels, clear the area and enter the main castle hallway to the right. Go through the second door on the left. Past a door, also on your left, watch for a small path you can crawl into. Fall in and follow it to another stack of gold.
  • Gold Location #8: The last gold collectible is found in the room protected by Heavy Troopers. Climb into the window from the exterior using pipes, then check the base of the knight armor displays.

Chapter 3

  • Gold Location #1: Inside the kitchen, along the left side, there’s a brace of six ovens with a desk at the end facing a stack of barrels. The gold is on this desk.
  • Gold Location #2: Past the kitchen you’ll find castle rooms. A guard talks about the books on Rudi Jager’s shelf. Dispatch the soldier and interact with the book case to find a secret area. There’s gold to the left of the helmet display.
  • Gold Location #3: In the large castle area with snipers shooting from balconies ahead and to your right, you’ll find a tiny vent leading into a large library. Before climbing in, continue up the steps on the right. There’s gold in the dead end ahead.
  • Gold Location #4: There’s some very hard-to-spot gold in the library itself. Enter through the narrow vent and move right. Past the stone wall, look high on the shelves to find gold near the library starting point.
  • Gold Location #5: Another pile of gold is on the first floor library. Look on the shelves to the left, past the left-hand stairs, using the library starting point as a guide.
  • Gold Location #6: Upstairs, look out on the balcony walkways. Gold is found through the back door through the library’s second floor. Turn right as you pass through to spot it.
  • Gold Location #7: Between the two back doors on the second floor, look beneath a painting to find a display case housing a unique key. Break the glass and take the key to an odd gold egg-like device on a pedestal at the front of the library, beneath a painting of King Otto. Once the secret chamber is revealed, search the shelves on the right for gold.
  • Gold Location #8: The final gold piece is found after completing the operating theater section. Open the door Jager escaped through and climb into the vent hatch to the left. There’s gold on the floor next to the boiler.

Chapter 4

  • Gold Location #1: Climbing up the cracked wall, BJ enters the maintenance area beneath the cable car terminal. Go upstairs to the main terminal and look on a bench to the left of the waiting cable car. There’s an open briefcase with gold inside.
  • Gold Location #2: Next, enter the terminal control office through the ceiling hatch. Near the locked door, look on the desk to the right.
  • Gold Location #3: The cable car stops at one of the large tower pylon stations mid-way during your escape. Skirt around the tower’s exterior catwalk to find hidden gold past the door leading into the interior area.
  • Gold Location #4: After the cable car falls into the water, escape and enter a cave. Up the path, there’s a Nazi guard patrolling forward. Look down the path opposite to him. There’s a low cave alcove with gold inside.
  • Gold Location #5: Taking an elevator up, look to the left of the hanging stalactites. There’s a cracked wall you can climb with the pipe weapon. There’s a surface at the top of the climb with gold.
  • Gold Location #6: Jumping through the crumbling catwalks beneath the main bridge, you’ll enter a maintenance room with a curved pipe. Crawl under the pipe and check left to get some gold. It’s opposite an armor pick-up.
  • Gold Location #7: Breaking into an elevator as it’s going up, you’ll re-enter the turn-style office where BJ first met Rudi Jager. Look behind the desk on the right to find an open safe containing gold.
  • Gold Location #8: After a young woman opens the back door of the tavern to BJ, climb up the stairs immediately left and follow the path around to an upper corner. Look behind the piled crates.

Chapter 5

  • Gold Location #1: In the starting sneaking section, move to the stone checkpoint where an officer patrols near a machine gun turret. A gold collectible is found to the right of the mounted gun.
  • Gold Location #2: To the right of the mounted gun, enter the cylindrical building that’s partially submerged with a winding staircase. Jump into the water in the tower to find a second pile of gold.
  • Gold Location #3: Entering a yellow attic area, Kessler contacts BJ and tells him not to engage the Nazis. At the entrance of this room, go through the first door on the right and look along the right wall. There are stacked chairs with a small open tray on top containing a gold collectible.
  • Gold Location #4: In this same room, go to the raised platform with the exit window. Don’t leave yet, instead look on the rafters behind a stack of beige crates. There are some sand bags on top of the crates.
  • Gold Location #5: At the square patrolled by super soldiers, climb the tower in the center with two prominent ladders. The gold is easy to spot in a windowsill on the tower’s upper level.
  • Gold Location #6: Before entering Agent Two’s house, pass the objective marker and look in the open crates in the alley after you unlock the gate door.
  • Gold Location #7: Look behind the large brown wooden desk covered in papers and radio equipment once BJ enters Agent Two’s house. Look in the corner beyond (and to the right) of the desk.
  • Gold Location #8: Right before entering the tavern where Schabbs is waiting, look between the outhouses and the huge pile of discarded barrels to the left of the entrance door.

Chapter 6

  • Gold Location #1: Exiting Schabbs’ room, smash through the weak wall and enter the attic. Navigate the junk while keeping your eyes right. Before leaving, there’s a gold collectible in the back-right corner.
  • Gold Location #2: Drop down to encounter your first Nazi zombie. Smash his skull in, then turn right. Downstairs, crush two more and look behind the hearth in the explorable area to the left of the open door.
  • Gold Location #3: Inside the burning house, go upstairs, enter a living room with a door on the right leading into two more rooms. Go to the left one and look under the bed.
  • Gold Location #4: Back at the dock where Chapter 5 started, exit through the open back door. Jump across the water to a boat and use it to enter the wrecked passage ahead. At the base of the rubble you’ll find another gold piece.
  • Gold Location #5: Cross the dock and swim through the now-broken gate in the arched stone way that previously blocked your path in Chapter 5. Climb the nearest ladder and head down the path to the left to find an easy pile of gold.
  • Gold Location #6: From the fifth gold collectible, there’s an alcove ahead that leads to a nightmare level. From the alcove, jump across to the curved wooden dock attached to the circular tower structure. There’s gold hidden next to a vertical board leaning against the taller building.
  • Gold Location #7: Later, climb a cracked wall with pipes to enter an upper floor building. Turn left and look between the white sheets to find another gold reward.
  • Gold Location #8: In the same area, instead of turning left after climbing up, turn right and enter a small stock / storage room. Between the rusty bells on the work bench and the red door, you’ll find that gold.

Chapter 7

  • Gold Location #1: Punch through the large doors with the robot at the start of the chapter to find a drawbridge. Jump into the water and look beneath the bridge and jetty to spot gold.
  • Gold Location #2: Break through the second door across the fallen drawbridge and immediately get out of the robot. Turn left and jump across the partially destroyed wooden pathway. There’s a collapsed tunnel with several crates. Crack them all open to discover gold hidden inside one.
  • Gold Location #3: Continue down the zombie-infested street and jump over the railing into the water to the right of the burning army car. Use the barrels and sunken boat to climb onto the dock where there’s some extra ammo near the gold collectible.
  • Gold Location #4: Past the burning car, enter the next plaza area. As you enter, look for stairs leading down on the left. Instead of going down the stairs, search the level plain wooden walkway along the building, to the left of the stairs. Find it directly opposite the “Bootshaus” sign.
  • Gold Location #5: Enter the “Bootshaus” barn and go upstairs. Straight ahead there’s a high shelf near a window with the gold.
  • Gold Location #6: There’s a stone building with arched windows across the square from the “Bootshaus” — it’s visible through the window where Gold #5 was located. Enter and look to the left of the metal gate. The gold is on a crate through one of the windows.
  • Gold Location #7: Breaking through another large door with the robot, exit and enter the building up the steps, directly left of the entrance to the defiled church exterior. The gold is found in the back of this house.
  • Gold Location #8: Inside the defiled church itself, go to the altar and look along the right wall.

Chapter 8

  • Gold Location #1: From the starting cemetery, there’s an office next to a guard tower. Look behind the office to find an open mausoleum with a missing floor. Crawl through to stumble upon more gold.
  • Gold Location #2: Next, cross the center bridge beneath the guard tower next to the office. There’s another open mausoleum that can be reached by jumping into a small slope and crawling through the missing wall directly on the opposite end of the bridge. Cross the cemetery area to a tomb lit by candles.
  • Gold Location #3: Inside the excavation, you’ll enter a room with a mine cart and a large yellow pipe. Stick to the right wall and look for a metal locker. On the lowest shelf of the open locker, you’ll find some gold.
  • Gold Location #4: Use the steps ahead to enter a cave path where one of the Nazi officers is waiting. There’s gold on his desk.
  • Gold Location #5: At the mine track’s dead end straight ahead from the cart’s location, there’s a hole filled with water to the left of the cave-in. Swim through to find gold once you leave the narrow tunnel. It’s just beneath the water’s edge.
  • Gold Location #6: Reaching the chamber with three unaware soldiers, two of which are shooting through windows, there are tombs through the doors on your left and right. Go up the stairs on the left and turn right. Gold is in the dark alcove filled with spider webs.
  • Gold Location #7: Eventually, BJ reaches a precarious circular staircase with a hanging corpse at the top. Before dropping down into the water below, look across the broken steps. There’s a small section of stairs you’ll have to make a running jump to reach with the gold.
  • Gold Location #8: Complete the burning arena with the slowly lowering panels. At the exit leading to Schabbs and the final boss, grab the last gold to the left of the doors.

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