Firefly Tabletop RPG Gets the Green Light


Get ready to hop aboard the Serenity.

Ok, so Joss Whedon’s beloved Firefly TV series may not be coming back (at least not yet, we can hope and pray, right?), but that won’t stop you from embarking on your interstellar adventures with the newly announced Firefly tabletop RPG from Margaret Weis Productions. There have been a few rumors floating around about the company trying its hand at the Firefly universe once again, and today brings official confirmation.

“This project is a dream come true for me. I have been such a long-time fan of Firefly,” notes company president Margaret Weis. “I look forward to working with my crew to take us all back out into the Black!”

Tabletop fans will remember the company’s first swing at the property with the Serenity RPG that was released in 2005. Unfortunately, that particular product met a bit of an untimely end, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one fares when it hits stores this coming spring.

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