First CoD: Ghosts In-Game Footage Shows Dog Gameplay


The two gameplay clips show off an “underwater mission”, as well as how the “dog levels” will play out.

In Call of Duty: Ghosts you will play as a dog. Not all the time, mind you, this is a Call of Duty game after all, so you will mostly play as burly US Marine #34 and shoot Russians/Arabs. But nonetheless, there will be some gameplay segments where you control Riley, the game’s furriest marine. Activision has just released two clips that show us both burly and furry gameplay segments, and offer a bit of insight into how the “dog levels” will play.

Unfortunately, for those of us hoping Riley will have explosives strapped to his back (as if PETA would ever let that one through…), or will shoot bees from his mouth when he barks, we are in for a bit of a disappointment, as the video reveals his role is more surveillance than combat.

When it the situation does call for some teeth-meets-neck action however, Riley is more than up to the challenge, with the video showing Riley sinking his canines into terrorist flesh several times. At one point in the video, Riley’s menacing entrance is so terrifying that it causes four grown men to run in fear.

How the dog is able to interpret complex orders through an earpiece is anyone’s guess. Perhaps there’s an English-to-dog translator strapped on there as well?

The burly marine video shows off an “underwater mission”, with a surprisingly small amount of gunfire and explosions for a Call of Duty level. It admittedly looks quite cool, although it appears to be largely “on-rails” and painfully linear.

Source: YouTube

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