First Finished Kinect Commercials Pops Up on the Internet


You might know everything there is to know about Kinect, but here’s how Microsoft plans to introduce it to the general public.

Micorosft has lifted the lid on the first wave of commercials for its new motion controller Kinect, showing where at least some of those hundreds of millions of advertising dollars have gone.

The commercials are pretty much what you’d expect from a videogame controller aimed at a mass market: people of all ages having a lot of fun playing games, with the message that it’s easy enough for anyone to play. Actual game footage is a little thin on the ground, but that’s not that surprising, as the point seems to be getting people excited about the technology, rather than promoting specific games.

I’m far from being an advertising expert, but I have to say that the commercials look pretty good. “Easy and Fun” is rarely a bad message for a videogame system, and it’s no accident that the majority of the people in the commercial are playing either directly with others, or with others watching. Accessible advertising like this, not to mention appearances on Oprah, will go a long way to making Kinect successful.

Kinect launches on November 4th.

Source: Official Xbox YouTube via Kotaku

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