The “thunk” heard round the world.

Jack Cooksey waited in line for overnight to be the first person to buy an iPhone 6 in the city of Perth, Australia. And he dropped it, on camera, immediately.

Cooksey’s butterfingers are actually understandable. The crowds were huge outside the shop, and cameras were everywhere, with a local news reporter hassling Cooksey to open the box. Under that kind of pressure, this kind of thing happens.

The phone was relatively undamaged, but the screen was scratched from the fall. Cooksey’s pride might be a little more damaged.

“As soon as I knew I’d dropped it I thought someone was going to make a meme or something out of this but I didn’t expect it to go as big as it’s gone,” he said. “I mean, it’s in the UK now.” At this point, the incident is trending on Facebook and popping up in the trending “iPhone 6” on Twitter.

Apple announced the new iPhone on September 9th at an event that revealed the iPhone 6 (the model Cooksey dropped), the iPhone 6 Plus, the Apple Watch, and Apple Pay.

Cooksey was positive about the incident, joking, “I just can’t wait to open it again – and not drop it.” Personally, I hope he downloads the Lonely Island song “Threw It On The Ground” as soon as he can.

Source: 9News Perth

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