First Resistance 3 Images Float to the Surface


What are being reported as the first images from the upcoming Resistance 3 have hit the tubes and they’re looking mighty fine indeed.

A little over a dozen images, including in-game shots and a few pieces of concept art allegedly from the in-the-works shooter Resistance 3, turned up on a Flickr account today. The existence of the game is no surprise; it actually first came to light in a bizarre fashion almost a year ago and developer Insomniac Games made it official in August with a live-action trailer and a promise that more details would be “coming soon.”

“Soon” appears to be “now” and while Sony has yet to confirm that these screens are the real deal, they certainly look the part. Then again, all that’s really known about the game now is what was revealed on that Shreveport billboard: that it will be set at least partially in New York and will probably come out sometime in 2011. We’ve reached out to Sony for confirmation (or denial) and will let you know if either happens to arrive. In the meantime, check out the full catalog of what sure looks like Resistance 3 images at

via: VG247

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