All your favorite characters are back in the Thundercats reboot, plus a few only a handful of people will remember.

There’s a new Thundercats show in the works, and while pictures of it are all well and good, Cartoon Network went one better over the weekend and aired the very first trailer. It’s seemingly set mainly on the Thundercats’ home planet of Thundera, and shows a young Lion-O receiving the Sword of Omens from his father.

As the eventual leader of the Thundercats, Lion-O predictably gets the most attention, but other characters, like Cheetara and Tygra, pop up as well. There are also some we haven’t seen before like Wily Kit and Kat, and Lion-O’s mentor, Jaga. For the eagle eyed viewer – or those who know how to work a pause button – there’s also a glimpses of Mumm-Ra, both powered and unpowered. The former is as part of a wall carving, presumably warning of a terrible evil, while the latter appears as a reflection on the Sword of Omens’ blade.

There’s also a few minor characters that really hardcore fans will recognize, including King Claudis, Lion-O’s father, and General Grune, who was banished from Thundera in the original show after a failed military coup. Interestingly, there’s also a few lizardmen, who are presumably some of the Mutants – the antagonists from original show – that seem to be prisoners or slaves to the Thundercats. If it’s the latter – and the show is supposed to be darker than the original – it puts rather a different spin on their fight, and could be an interesting plot point.

Thundercats debuts on Cartoon Network later this year.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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