First Trailer For CW’s The Flash Debuts


Your first look at CW’s Arrow spin-off speeds online

The CW has unveiled the first trailer for the spin-off of its hit DC Comics-based series Arrow, offering fans a first real look at how Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) looks in costume, in motion and in extremely fast motion as The Flash. The (pre-superhero) character was already introduced to audiences in a pair of Arrow episodes which climaxed with a version of Allen’s traditional comics origin story of being struck by lightning a splattered with a cocktail of volatile chemicals (this time with the added twist of a the lightning storm being caused by an exploding particle accelerator.)

Barry Allen’s Flash was the first of DC Comics’ Silver Age “legacy heroes,” i.e. a modern (in 1956) update of the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick. As The Flash, Barry played a prominent role in many of DC’s biggest story events; including the revelation of The Multiverse, his death in Crisis on Infinite Earths (he was replaced by Wally West, the former Kid Flash) and launching DC’s New 52 reboot with Flashpoint in 2011. Many fans also consider him to have the second best roster of enemies after Batman, with DC heavy-hitters like Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, Trickster, Mirror Master and others among his regular rogues gallery.

The series will reportedly follow Allen as he fights crime as both The Flash and in his day job as a Central City police investigator. Along with Gustin, the announced cast also includes several characters bearing the civilian identities of DC characters including Vibe, Killer Frost and Professor Zoom; though it is not clear whether they will eventually take up those roles in full. John Wesley Shipp, who played Allen in a previous Flash series in the 90s, will also appear in a yet-unknown role.

The Flash will debut on The CW this Fall.

Source: The CW

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