Flash Game Playoffs: Castle Crashing the Beard Winners Announced


Kongregate’s sixth game in the Summer E Games “Flash Game Playoffs” Castle Crashing the Beard is over. We actually are giving out two different sets of awards for this game, so read on to see the winners!

High Score
With a high score of 50,655 – the Gold medal goes to CG55
With a high score of 50,546 – the Silver goes to Fanboy
and with a high score of 30,002 – the bronze goes to Internet Kraken

Fastest Win
With a time of 2,099 – the Gold medal goes to Proteus214
With a time of 2,259 – the Silver goes to Epitome
and with a time of 2,488 – the bronze goes to Florion

Congrats to all! If you didn’t win a medal in this game, try Bloody Fun Day which is the game of the day. To learn how to compete in more of the “Flash Game Playoffs”, just click here!

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