If you thought Ninja Gaiden was hard with a regular controller, you should try playing it with your feet.

Nick Hagman, a 22 year old gamer from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, has completed his eight month long quest to beat the original NES Ninja Gaiden using a dance pad controller. Hagman has been playing the game off and on since June, and only completed it a few days ago.

Much like the modern Ninja Gaiden games, the original was known for its punishing difficulty. What made it even worse was that, although the player could continue after he or she had lost all of his or her lives, it would be from the beginning of the level. That’s frustrating enough if you’re playing with your hands, but when you’re playing with your feet, it’s much, much worse. As you can see from the video, after a strong start, Hagman had the misfortune to have to go back and complete the entire final level again more than once. Fortunately for him, he didn’t have to restart his fight with the game’s final boss, as the progress he’d made persisted throughout his multiple attempts to get back to the fight and finish him off.

This isn’t the first classic NES game that Hagman has beaten in this way either; he’s also danced his way through games like Castlevania 3 and Mega Man 2. If you’re interested, you can see more of Hagman’s videos on his YouTube account.

Source: Joystiq

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