Florida Unanimously Passes Tax Breaks for Videogames (and Movies)

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The State of Florida House of Representatives passed a bill that, if signed into law, would give a 15% – 20% tax credit for in-state spending for “qualified productions.”

The idea of states giving tax breaks to TV and film productions is not new. But as the videogame industry gains speed and mainstream recognition, the conversation has moved to offering those same benefits to game design companies. While some laws in some states offer credits to film but not videogame productions, the bill (HB 697) passed today in the Florida House of Representatives by a vote of 112-0 makes no such distinction. “Qualified productions” can receive 15-20% break on taxes for in-state purchases, and that number can grow if produced in the offseason or are more family-friendly.

Productions that occur between June and November qualify for an extra 5% break, while family-oriented production garner another 5%. Such entertainment is “does not exhibit or imply any act of smoking, sex, nudity, gratuitous violence, or vulgar or profane language.”

At first, the bill did not offer any tax breaks to productions which did not meet the above criteria but that clause was removed after debate.

Most of the discussion in Tallahasee was how this bill would revitalize the film and TV industry in the state, but the fact that it also covers videogames may see a lot more game companies start or move there. Especially makers of “family-friendly” games.

I guess that only makes sense, there is a big theme park and animation company there that rhymes with Blisneyworld.

Source: Gamasutra

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