Ubisoft has also released a 360-degree “video experience” ahead of the game’s open beta.

The open beta for upcoming medieval action game For Honor is coming to all platforms on February 9, and Ubisoft has announced that you can now preload the open beta so you can jump right into the action when it launches.

The open beta will run through the 12th, and is set to include the new Elimination mode – “a best-of-five series of four-on-four matches with no respawns.” Elimination will be available alongside the Dominion, Brawl, and Duel modes from the closed beta.

When the game launches, For Honor will include twelve playable characters, five different multiplayer modes, and a Story mode.

“In the midst of a foggy plain, an everlasting war continues as the three great Factions are locked in battle,” the press release reads. “Each of them strives to rebuild their nations as they take to the frontlines in fierce close-range combat to bring glory back to their people.”

Players participating in the open beta will have the opportunity to continue to participate in what Ubisoft is calling “War of the Factions,” which Ubisoft states will track matches across all platforms. Players will be rewarded for participating, and the winning faction will also receive rewards when the game launches.

In other For Honor news, Ubisoft recently detailed the game’s Season Pass, which includes early access to six new heroes, six elite costumes, 30-day Champion Status, and more. All DLC maps and modes for the game will remain free to all players in order to avoid splitting the game’s community.

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