If you’re going to impose mandatory security checks, make sure it doesn’t impose on your employees’ lunch breaks.

As someone who worked in retail, I can testify that things like bag checks are pretty routine when you head out for the day (or lunch, if you take your bag with you), but those usually take less than a minute. Based on a new lawsuit filed against GameStop, though, the security checks took longer than that and happened a lot more frequently, to the point of violating California state law.

The suit alleges that GameStop’s mandatory security checks didn’t allow for uninterrupted and/or unrestricted breaks. That’s a problem when, according to state law, employers are required to provide a 30-minute break for a meal every five hours worked, as well as a ten minute break for every four-hour shift. According to GameSpot:

The allegations are rooted in GameStop’s policy of conducting mandatory security checks of employees when they take meals or breaks. According to the complaint, hourly employees are not compensated for time spent undergoing these security checks.

The suit also makes a handful of other allegations stemming from uncompensated time spent undergoing security checks. These allegations state that GameStop has failed to adequately compensate employees for work shifts that exceed eight hours, as well as not providing accurately itemized wage statements.

The suit is seeking class status, as well as an hour’s pay for each day during which adequate meal and rest breaks weren’t provided, plus any other damages that the court determines.

Source: GameSpot

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