Do you look people in the eyes when you talk to them?

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It depends on the moment, really. I can happily talk to someone without looking at them while watching TV, or walking beside them (because turning your head constantly is really awkward). When I'm re-telling a story or explaining something, I'll tend to look away because I'm "seeing" the moment and describing it.

If someone is telling me something, I will tend to look them in the eyes, but often I find I need to focus to keep looking them in the eye for a long time and then I end up not listening, but instead focus on making sure I look 'normal'. I feel keeping a constant gaze is uncomfortable for both parties - especially when you're talking to more than one person, and you have their whole attention. You find yourself turning constantly between each person, and it's just unnecessary. I also find that in moments where you are intensely listening (like if someone is telling you a problem) looking away helps you concentrate on the issue better.

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I was taught that if you don't its kinda disrespectful so I always look people in the eyes when I talk. Some people don't like it and thats their opinion but i think by being able to look someone dead in the eyes and have a conversation with them then its more meaningful.

I have taught myself to look people in the eyes when I talk to them. It was never a natural instinct. Eye-to-eye contact makes me uncomfortable if it's with people I don't know. When I look into the eyes of a stranger, I wonder what they think when I look at them. I wonder if my face is expressing the right emotion. I wonder if they think I'm strange for looking at them in the eye.

So I've learned to look for a few seconds, move my eyes away a bit, turn my head every now and then so that I spend roughly 70% of the time looking at their eyes, and 30% looking at something else. I find that makes people comfortable. I also try to put my chin on my hand and cover my mouth so that they don't think I'm frowning or smiling too much.

I don't like looking people in the eye, but my chosen profession requires it.

If someone's taken my attention, I look dead on in their eyes. Almost creepy, unblinking dead on. I can't help it. I don't know when I should look away in order to break the contact up, but not so much I seem uninterested. Talking to me while I'm playing video games (a multiplayer one) is the best time to talk to me.[1] That way I'm not looking you dead on in the eye.

[1] Talking to me while I'm playing a campaign/story will just piss me off.

I was never super comfortable with looking people in the eye in conversation. But I found that most people think you're rude if you don't look them in the eye when you're talking to them, plus I work in customer service, so I've had to learn to look people in the eye.

Naah, i look them straight in their nipples.

That'll show 'em whose boss.

I don't like looking people in the eye, but my chosen profession requires it.

Yeah, optometrist seems like a bad idea in those circumstances, especially if you have a lot of Polynesian clients. :P

Whenever I'm talking to someone, I always make eye contact 80% of the time. The other 20% is when I'm helping someone or working and I need to see what I'm doing.

Hmm. Thinking back on it I only ever have extended eye contact with woman that I have had a crush on a bit. Form time to time I will glance at other peoples eyes, but I have only ever made extended eye contact with a woman I am interested in. I have no idea why.

Edit. And now I am going to be looking for the answer to that question all night.

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