Poll: Why do you listen to the music you have?

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Well, for one I have this one singer, all her lyrics connect with me. It seems like she took a bite of my personality and my way of thinking and put them into music.

Then there are artists I listen to because they remid me of the past, music I loved back then or just songs that are great to describe myself or others.

And then there are just songs I listen to feel good.

Have fun with all those songs.

I listen to music because I like the way it sounds. No more, no less.

If it reminds me of something (Billy Talent always reminds me of spring, for instance) or I identify with the lyrics (HIM comes to mind) or whatever, that's just a bonus.

And while I wouldn't say this dictates all the music I enjoy, I do tend to place high value in well-written lyrics. It can very easily make or break a song for me. (I really can't stand tracks like Daft Punk's "Around the World.")

I typically enjoy non-vocal pieces more where the instruments do the singing.

One might argue that the voice is also an instrument.

The main one is this one, from the poll:

They match the emotions I feel when listening to it.

Although all of the reasons you listed come into it, this is the main one. There are a few songs I keep for personal significance, and I wouldn't listen to a song if I despised its beat/rhythm/sound, but matching my emotions is the big one. If music is in-sync with my feelings, it sharpens my thinking and increases my enjoyment.

I also like music I can engage in on an intellectual level. Although most of the time I'm listening to music as a background to another activity, sometimes I just sit down and listen to music and do nothing else. When I'm doing that, I want meaningful music. Unfortunately, I don't really have any music education, but I like to try to analyse music and lyrics and see if I can enrich my appreciation. I also sometimes like to research musicians and bands to see if there's some context I can glean that would help to explain context. For example (picking better-known examples, rather than the best possible examples), you understand Joy Division and Nirvana on different levels when you know that the lead singers killed themselves.

It's interesting how people engage in music on different levels. My boyfriend is particularly keen on instrumental and cinematic music because they engage his imagination. He like to imagine stories and scenes when listening to music. Generally we share a taste in music, but he generally dislikes lyrics because they disrupt his own interpretation of a song's meaning, whereas I love lyrics because I feel they add a new dimension of meaning to the song (though I'm equally happy with instrumental songs; they probably comprise about half my music).

I don't have very consistent tastes, but it's a mix of inspiring emotions (Monster Hunter theme, Cornered (Phoenix Wright), Gwyn's theme from Dark Souls, Two Steps from Hell) and liking the sound of it (Armored Core OSTs, Look Pimpin, Disagreements). Generally both.

I put 'Match the emotions I feel' but more accurate would be compliments the activity I'm doing.

Rap/Hip Hop/Grime for wandering about town and the like
Fast Punk/Fas Punk rock for cardio at the gym
Screamy shite for weight training. Bring me the horizon and that rubbish, I'd never usually listen to it but for some reason it clicks when I'm lifting.
Blues, Jazz or Rock (IE Beatles, Stonesm etc) post gym to cool down.
Classical or orchestral when reading.
Don't stop me now by queen when I'm playing a game with zombies in.

I listen to the music I have, because it's hard to listen to music I don't have...

On topic:

The music I listen to I have because I like the sound, the fact that I'm pretty open about genres means I do have a wide variety of genres and styles to listen to.

This means that I can tailor what I listen to based off how I'm feeling or how I hope to feel (Such as listening to some aggressive Thrash Metal when I'm feeling angry, or some Progressive Metal when I want to just chill out)

Due to the fact that I spend about 90%+ of my time listening to music, some songs do hold nostalgic value for me (Sort of, I spent a lot of time listening to a particular song while doing something in my past and it reminds me of that time. For example, I was heavily into Metallica in High School, so a few of my favourite songs of the time reminds me of that time)

When choosing a sound I like, I do have to take into account the instruments (How they sound/how they fit with the rest of the music), the vocals (How they sound and whether they fit with the music) and the lyrics (Some bands are let down by their lyrics, such as Three Days Grace, whom have great sound + vocals but extremely emo lyrics...)

Generally it's because of the sound and the feelings it gives me. I listen to epics, soundtrack, and electronic music/dubstep because my imagination works best with them as a template. Or because it's just a good tune/beat.
However my favourites are always ones I associate with memories: for example the Halo theme. It reminds me of my friends coming to my house and having a massive local match.
I generally don't care about the message much. I suppose because I think music should be open to interpretation.

I'm a guitarist and fancy myself a musician so I listen to music for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's just about the sound, sometimes I'm perplexed by how visceral the composition is, sometimes it's about raw talent, sometimes its about interesting mode and note theory. Sometimes the album or song tells a story, sometimes the album or song conveys a theme and matches the emotions musically. I rarely listen to music that matches the mood I'm in. I mean I get in the mood to listen to certain kinds of music, but if I'm sad I don't listen to a sad song or whatever. Sometime's I'll listen to music that's of the mood I WANT to be in or to pump myself up or something like that.

I listen to music that's interesting to me in some way shape or form and I listen to a very diverse array of music because of this.

That said, I am not at all of the belief that music is completely subjective. I very strongly and firmly think that there is some music that is objectively bad. Most of what is on the radio today is soullessly produced with the absolute minimum amount of effort to make it catchy, which is convenient, because the two things that make a song catchy are simplicity and repetition. Simplicity can be exercised with elegance or utilized for raw power. Repetition (to an extent) can tastefully establish a thesis statement to a song, but that would imply that they are done for a reason other that to just get stuck in your head. I need to stop before I start talking about note theory. Point is, as a musician I naturally try to think farther into music when I listen to it. If there's nothing there, the song will be unsatisfyingly picked apart and I won't be able to enjoy it. If there is, I'll enjoy the music so much more for it.

I listen to hard rock and metal because of the energy it gives me, makes me wanna move and get stuff done. Also it changes how I play games (in Empire Total War for example I'm more prone to launch a bayonet charge while my music is playing).

Because me music is the best music.

Cos it makes me feel good. Whether it's catchy, emotional, atmospheric, nostalgic, or complements my surroundings.

I love the hell out of Industrial Metal because... well I really like techno mixed with heavy drums and guitars.

Techno? Really?

Because me music is the best music.

Cos it makes me feel good. Whether it's catchy, emotional, atmospheric, nostalgic, or complements my surroundings.

I love the hell out of Industrial Metal because... well I really like techno mixed with heavy drums and guitars.

Techno? Really?

Exactly what about my post earned the smug superiority from you?

Because me music is the best music.

Cos it makes me feel good. Whether it's catchy, emotional, atmospheric, nostalgic, or complements my surroundings.

I love the hell out of Industrial Metal because... well I really like techno mixed with heavy drums and guitars.

Techno? Really?

Yes, techno. What of it?

What's your problem with techno?

Depends on what I'm listening to at the time.
Sometimes I listen to have fun, get excited, air drum around my room, strike some Abbath poses and generally act silly.

Sometimes I feel a bit more vulnerable than usual and want something that better matches my mood, and may possibly make me feel better or deal with said feelings. Kind of like a form of meditation.

Sometimes I just want something light that goes down easy, not necessarily happy or sad sounding. Just something that can be background sound and not much else.

Well I listen to power metal, posthard core, and metalcore for the most part. I like power metal for the epic rhythm and beats it has, the lyrics play a large part because it's all about fantasy, magic, and other nerdy stuff.

The cores because they are my music with meaning and help me get through when I have a bad day or just to get me pumped for something.

Firstly, it's good music. Well-constructed.

Secondly, it's not so much that it matches the emotions I feel when I listen to it, rather than it elicits particular emotions from me. Much more useful.

Thirdly, sometimes I have nothing to do, and I loathe wasting time. So I listen to something I haven't before, or at least in a while.

I seem to be the smallest piece of the cake with "The message reflects my own experiences and viewpoints. ". I choose music based on lyrics. I am a metalhead, but i think most of the metal is utter crap. Obivusoly i wont liste to techno, it has no lyrics, why would i?

Its sad so little attention is paid to lyrics. then agian when a whole song with 2 words can get to top1 place in world charts, i guess most peopel really dont give a fuck abut what their listening to.

I usually just listen for the sound. Sometimes I use the spectrogram visualisation of XMPlay to give me more from what I'm listening to.

The touchy-feely types may be wondering how that gets me more out of my music. Simply put, I am utter crap at picking out pitches by ear, so the iterated Fast Fourier Transforms of a spectrogram lets me do it visually instead.

The Wykydtron:
I just like how shit sounds I guess. I have a LOT of game and anime soundtracks, I think I would have more slightly more songs in Japanese than English if I went and counted. I have primarily instrumentals with no words at all though

Pretty much this for me too also I love a good beat or rhythm so if something makes me tap my feet or nod my head I'll get it.

I've been listening to a lot of EDM and Dance music recently, and I realize that the reason I like it has more to do with the chemicals in my brain than anything. You know how a lot of studies show a release of endorphins that give a sense of euphoria when listening to favored music? EDM is really just that condensed to a science. Every song is meant to build up to a climactic release that gets you excited and happy even if you don't know why. Some would call it cheap, but I can't get enough of it.

I listen to

This guy because I like his music (Posted from someone else because this is one of the few song on an album that the artist hasn't uploaded to youtube) If my embed didn't work I'll throw up a link
Edit:GRR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uYcP6YmDpc

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