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Asael sighed as he proceeded to keep pace with the Mysterious Mage, "I'm curious about the incident at the Inn" explained Asael in a straight forward tone noticing the sun slowly drenching the land, a glint of somber disappointment coming over his eyes at the sight.

"What about it?" Damien asked, noting that the man was following him, "Let me guess, you want to know what a mage is doing in the middle district? Or why I decided to help that man?"

A grin crossed Asael's face as he followed him, the crunch of snow under his boots, "I could really care less about you being away from home, and why you helped him seems pretty obvious" answered Asael in a calm tone.

"But I do care to know why he had tainted magic pouring out from him" Asael stated, upping his pace so that he strode beside the Mage, all for the purpose of hearing whatever his answer was clearly.

"That's what I'm going back to the Upper District for, to find out what the hell went on back there. Why does it matter to you anyway, the concerns of magic are usually only cared about by mages, so why do you care so much?" Damien asked, turning to look at the man.

Damien looked back to see if anyone was following them, and he saw nothing. The only thing that Damien saw was snow flakes falling from the sky, and an empty street, the sun just beginning to rise over the city limits.

"Well I'm sure anyone would care for an answer if they saw what we did, wouldn't they?" was the vague reply Asael gave the mage, keeping his gaze fixed firmly forward, and locked onto the snowy laden path they marched down.

Upper District

"And if I did know the cause for it? Why would I tell a complete stranger, someone who I don't even know that I can trust?" Damien asked, starting to see richer buildings, and understanding that he was now back in the Upper District.

(Upper District)

"Here i'm thinking we're starting to hit it off" said Asael in a sarcastic and cold tone, his very expression matching the comment as he tucked his hands within the confines of his jacket.

"But if you must know, I'm on a peculiar streak so if I can find a definitive answer to anything, it would be satisfactory" said Asael in a serious tone, a glint of disapproval to his eye, noticing he was now entering the upper district.

"Well if you really need to know what's going on, I'll send for you when I figure it out. Just wait for my messenger, you'll know it when you see it." Damien said, seeing the large gate that led into the Mage's Academy in the distance.

So now I need to figure out what blue-blood means, and what happened to Kid... this is gonna take a while, unless Myra comes to my base and helps out. Damien thought skeptically, wishing that he had some aid for this.

"So is that it, or do I need to leave an address or something?" asked Asael with a raised brow and with only a slight hint of sarcasm in his voice, barely noticing the gate of the Mage's Academy being too curious as to how this Mage intended to find him.

"Just leave me be, and I'll find you when I find out what's going on." Damien said, stopping just before the steps up to the main gate of the Academy. He knew that the guards wouldn't allow a non-mage into the Academy, but he decided to be polite before he continued on into the Academy.

"No problem whatever you're name is, waiting is what I live for" spoke Asael in a nonchalant stlye his voice ripe with the cynicism he was all too fond of, turning around on his heel prepared to walk off away from the upper district.

"By the way if you ever have an odd job in need of attention, I'm always in need of work" were the Swordsman's departing words, as he began to take his leave, his prime objective now being to get home and sleep.


The building was much nicer on the inside then the out and was littered with expensive furniture and paintings. Up on the walls were trophies of battles but mostly of thefts. Marne led the way through ignoring anything that could've been of interest instead leading straight into an office area in the upper floors. Marne opened the door to commence introductions, "Hey sir you remember Kain ri-" A man in his late 40s stood holding a sword in his hand ready to strike. "Don't startle me like that Marne!" Marco bellowed in Marne's ear, "For a second I thought it was an assassin coming down on me!" Marco took a deep breath and calmed down. He reached for his glass and took a sip of whiskey and shouted, "God six years and you're still making those idiot mistakes!" Marne started to panic and started whispering calmly, "Listen boss we talked about you paranoia-" "Don't tell me to calm down, last time I took that advice of yours I was in the Upper Class dungeon for four years. They're still watching me I just know it." Marne hastily began speaking again, "Sir this isn't the time Kain is here he wants to talk to you." Marco sat down and pulled out some files, "Oh yeah sure get out of here Marne and go do what I asked."

Now that things had calmed down Marco gestured for Kain to take a seat, "Well you weren't followed were you?" Kain laughed it off, "I don't know I've been running for two weeks maybe I have." Marco still held his gaze and Kain's laughter died. "We know absolutely for sure you've been followed. The question is is this just an act? Did you know you were being followed because I don't the answer either. Now I'm going to get right down to business. We've got serious problems, the movement isn't going so good." Kain was puzzled, "Movement?" "Oh I forgot you haven't been in the game for three years, after you left the Aurora got a huge break in a robbery and Nier began funding us for a plan. We take down the current government and Nier steps in and forms a new government, one ran by the people, a democracy." Kain still was confused, "Isn't that was the Steel Hearts are doing?" Marco's face turned and scoffed at the name, "The Steel Hearts are fools, they believe fighting will get what they want, we rely on stealth and moving through the people. Those guys are going to keep fighting and they will throw away lives doing so. Anyway want I need now is good people to help us on a cause. My people are scattered in almost every district in this city so I have a good idea on who could help us. My men reported an incident in a pub called the Dragon's Tooth but I'm still looking for information on them. One's a mage but I don't think I can trust him. I mean, Nier's a mage but I don't know this one at all. We have two potential recruits at the moment, A kid named Zavior and another named Lorel Ion. I've been keeping tabs on Lorel for a while but Zavior is new at the moment but he looks like a friend of Lorel though I need confirmation. I don't want you to worry about them until after you've retrieved your parents." Kain still pondered over the information. He heard about the Lorel incident and was on a job at the time but he doesn't know of a "Zavior." Marco opened the door and gestured for Kain to leave, "There's a luxury carriage outside to take you to Solomon, but stay in the back compartments so you won't be seen. I've heard about that fight Kain." Kain looked back in false ignorance, "I don't know what you're talking about Marco." "Sure you don't just remember that news travels faster then you think."

Kain jumped into the compartments of the carriage and quickly fell asleep in the heated carriage.

District Te'nin:

"Ya know, when your parents asked me to protect you, I assumed it was going to be easy. Well I guess it surely wasn't." The mysterious voice spoke. Lorel was still delirious, as to what happened, though he seemed to have been saved. He wasn't being dragged anymore and everything around seemed to have calm down. His eyes began to widen and take in everything around him. In front was a fire, illuminating the dark, cold, and moist room.

Once he was fully awake he realized he was back in the sewers and the noise of water rushing soon rose. On the opposite side of the fire was a person, sitting down, one leg to the side and one out front, their arms around it. Their face covered by a black hood and the rest of the body covered in black leather with red lines. When they noticed Lorel was awake, they stood up and walked around the fire to him and helped him up.

Lorel shook his head and looked into the face of the hooded person. It was an older man, brown goatee and curly brown hair, almost covering his light blue eyes. Though even after seeing the person, he couldn't think of who they were. He waved him off and moved away from the mysterious man. "I am fine, now who are you?"

The man bowed and then once up he spoke again. "I am Velen Majl."

At the name Velen he thought of the knife which he then touched his belt and noticed it was gone.

"I already took the knife" Velen pointed at his own belt "I thought it would be best in my hands."

"Why did you save me? Back then and now..."

Velen crossed his arms over his chest. "I saved you, because I was asked to, by Relia, and Darel."

"Mom and Dad..."

"That's right, they asked me, and days before their deaths that if they were to be killed. That I would protect you."

This man, protect me? Then why didn't he help me out when I first was banished? Mixed feelings and thoughts flowed through his mind and body. "Why didn't you help me when I was first banished?"

"You seemed to be doing fine and so I didn't interfere until I felt it was crucial. I got to ask you a question, why did you go rushing into Te'nin?"

Then he remembered where he was, Te'nin, where the plant beings attacked. "Because, it would be the fastest way."

Velen laughed. "Just like your parents. Well what do you plan to do now?"

Lorel shrugged. "I guess save this district, I planned to help the people of this city, I will be one great way to start."

"Then let's go, above, I believe there are some survivors that could give us some insight into all of this."

They climbed out of the sewer and up above were the beasts were immediately upon them. Lorel began to burn them while Velen with dual blades began to slice them like butter. Running down the street, they noticed a wall drawing near, with a gate. As they got closer, it began to open up. Both of them jumped in and the gate fell down behind them. They both stood up and looked around. Their wasn't many but there was survivors, specifically a girl who seemed to have opened up the gate.

A green long haired woman, around the same age as Lorel. On her olive skinned face, dirt, and small brown eyes, and the rest of her clothes were also dirty. Everyone else in the camp, as well. Velen walked up to her. "Thank you for opening the gate for us."

"No problem, I noticed you guys getting closer and notice you specifically." She pointed at Lorel. "You're a mage, just what we needed." He could hear the sarcastic tone in her last statement.

Lorel wiped off dirt that he got on the floor and then also walked up to her, standing next to Velen. "So what happened here?"

The women put her right hand on her chin and thought for a moment. "Where to begin... Well it all happened a couple of days ago. A famous mage, Itsuka Maen, was working on a way to make food for us. Experimenting with plants and that's when all things went to hell."

Velen stopped her and continued the story. "Let me guess, in the experiment, they accidently created sentient plant life that began to expand and breed minions."

She put out her arms. "Basically and we have been trying to survive since then. We were already a middle class district, now we are lower than an lower class district."

Lorel butted into the conversation. "Alright, Velen we are going to help them."
"Help us, your joking?"

"No, I am all serious. Just tell us where the main body of this sentient plant is and we shall burn it." At the end he brought a little flame up, and grabbed it, opening his hand then and it being gone.


Zavior arrived in Nafria. He spent last night hiding in someone's carriage who was also on their way to Nafria. It was a cramped and uncomfortable ride, but better for his legs than walking the whole way. Speaking of his legs, he needed to find someone with healing potions or healing magic. It would be hard to find a mage, so he'll have to look for a potion shop.

After wandering about the trading area for a few hours, he finally found someone who sold potions. They looked Upper Class, so their potions probably worked. Zavior had dealings with other sketchier people who sold fake potions and this person didn't look fake. Zavior went over and started browsing. Strength potion, agility potion, love potion, (Zavior made a mental note of that one), ah, concentrated healing potion! He picked it up and asked the vender, "How much for this one?"

The vender replied, "You look like you actually need it, so I'll give you a small discount. Only 100 Kiel!"

"One hundred..." Zavior checked his pockets and found his remaining 120 Kiel. He won't have enough to rent a horse to get to Upper District, but at least he will be able to walk and fight properly. "Alright, 100 it is..." Zavior said as he handed the money over and took the potion.

"It will take a few hours to work, so don't expect it to grow back a limb in seconds!" the vendor yelled after Zavior.

A few hours... I'll need to find somewhere to rest then. Zavior thought. There was still snow everywhere, so he decided to go to a tavern and rest at one of the tables. So long as he used his remaining 20 Kiel to order something, they shouldn't mind.

He walked in to a random tavern, not paying attention to the name. He ordered some food and drink, costing him 12 Kiel. After eating, he mixed in some of the concentrated healing potion with the drink and drank it. He immediatly felt very tired, so he pushed his plate out of the way and laid his head down on the table and fell asleep.

District Te'nin:

"So that's it?" Lorel spoke pointing at the tall building. The women nodded her head. He looked back at Velen who was fingering his blade hilts, looking ready for a fight. Looking back at the survivor zone, Lorel wonder what they would do if they fail. She began to open up the gate and Lorel and Velen rushed over to it.

Before leaving the gate they looked back. She put her hands around her mouth. "My name is Chisa! What are your guys?"

Lorel pointed at himself and then Velen. "Lorel and Velen."

They walked forward, out of the gate and it dropped behind them. Immediately the beasts were once more on them. Lorel took out a strain of fire and began to move it were ever his hand moved. Velen yelled to Lorel. "Light my blades on fire! They're enchantable!"

He moved the flame onto the blades and they stayed on fire when he moved the flame off. As they moved down the streets and alleyways towards the tall building. It was easy to tell that it were the main body was located; most of the plant being was coming out from it. Out of its large roots, more plant humanoids appeared and Lorel began to shoot fire at them. Both of them rushed to the door and elbowed it and fell over. The hinges on the door were already rusted and busted by the plant. Inside the walls were completely covered in vines, it felt like being inside a plant.

They moved down the hallway, broken wooden chairs, desks, and glass from windows. The building creaked and the vines moved. Though no creatures came out, it was just Velen and Lorel. It felt like they were being watched. At the end of the corridor was stairs, from what they saw there was no sign of a basement. Together they walked up the stairs up to the second, then third, and then the final fourth floor. It was rare for middle class districts to have four story buildings but this person seemed to have been rich.

At the top floor, there were humanoid shapes in chairs that seemed to have been covered in vines and died from suffocation. Some were also in running positions in the middle of the hallway, as if to escape. Once they reached the end of the hallway they reached a large room where the main body was located. Inside the room, large vines coming out of a giant plant body with spikes. Though for some reason there was another humanoid shaped being wrapped in vines on the body. Both Lorel and Velen got in a fighting stance.

The vines around the body unfolded and the person fell out. It was a woman, in a white robe, glasses, and short black hair, though strange glowing green eyes, same color as the plant being. Slowly she stood up, weird transparent goo over her body but it slowly fell off as she stood. "Well this is embarrassing." She spoke with a monotone voice.

"What is this? What are you?"

Her movements were stiff. "I am Itsuka Maen, I created this being." She pointed at the plant.

Velen whispered to Lorel. "The plant is controlling her; odds are if we destroy the plant, she will regain control."

Lorel whispered back. "But if we attack, won't Itsuka attack us?"

Itsuka motioned her head at both of them and then spoke again. "I will not let you destroy this being, it is... Glorious..." She began to charge up magic, Water in one hand, wind in the other, shooting them out at them. Lorel and Velen jumped opposite ways and then rushed at her. Though at close range, her wind shot them both back.

"Are we going to have to kill her?" Lorel yelled.

"I rather not, but I got a plan to end this with her alive."

Once more they split to attack, though Velen sped up much quicker than Lorel and then was right behind Itsuka which he took the side of his hand and hit her back of her head, which her eyes then rolled to the back of her head. Lorel then began to rain down fire upon the plant, which echoed and roared inhuman noises. All of the vines began to recede back into the body. The body began to shake and the being was dying. Velen picked up Itsuka and yelled for Lorel to follow him.

They began to run out of the building, the building was coming down. The bodies they saw before were now revealed but each were dead. Walls began to fall, and they were barely able to keep stable. Running down the stairs and hallway they eventually got to the outside just as the building crumbled into pieces. Dust flew into the air and scattered. Looking all around, more buildings were also crumbled but the vines of the plant were gone. All of the plant humanoids were flat on the ground. People began to wonder from out of the wall.

Chisa ran up to them, with an excited face. "Lorel, Velen, you saved the district, also Itsuka."

Lorel felt great, his first, well technically second, person he saved. "You know, it will take some time to rebuild."

"But rebuild we shall." Chisa clapped her hands.

Itsuka began to awake and Velen let her down. Her head began to shake, but began to stabilize. She eventually stood up completely, when her eyes opened it was surprising to see them still glowing green. "Itsuka? Are you alright?"

She shook it off and then coughed. "Yes, I am fine, I believe you two are the ones who saved me? I am sorry, but I was under control and unable to break free."

"How did you get under its influence?"

"Well when I was trying to create the food, I accidently put too much magic into it and it sort of used that magic to get under my control."

"Magic Constrain." Velen said.


Chisa blinked her eyes in confusion. "Magic Constrain?"

"It's when a mage becomes under control through their own magic. It's rare but creatures that aren't human have been known to sometimes use this."

Silence came over after that, Lorel and Velen looked at each other. "I guess it's time for us to take our leave." They began to walk away but Itsuka stopped them.

"I wish to come with you two."

Once more they looked at each other. Lorel scratched his head. "Why?"

"Because, you helped this district, you saved us, you saved me."

"You don't even know where we're going."

Velen looked at Lorel. "I don't even know where you're going."

Lorel face palmed and then explained to the both of them. "I am going to Gallu and then going to take a boat to Amphira, to stop two rival gangs."

"That's fine, I can help."

Lorel sighed. "Let's go then."

After being met with suspicion and distrust from the other patrons and her co-workers, Myra resigned herself to another move, and knew even before she'd allowed herself the time to consider that she'd choose to take up Damien on his offer. She gathered her things, consisting mostly of a single pack, donned her cloak to obscure her appearance as best she could, and approached the Academy.

The guards looked upon her with clear superiority, smirking and exchanging rude theories when she announced that Damien had summoned her. But they let her through with enough direction to find her way, and she hurried to the indicated tower, nerves on edge lest anyone recognize her or question her presence there. It was a worrying enough journey that she felt only relief when she reached the tower and knocked at the door.


Zavior was startled awake and met by a barmaid.

"If yer not gunna order anything more, buzz off, yer takin' up a table."

Zavior streched his arms and legs, noticing the pain was gone. The healing potion must have worked. The barmaid was still looking at him.

"Oh, I'll just be going then..." Zavior said as he left the tavern. He looked at the sun when he got out and it was about afternoon. He went in at morning so he slept for about four hours. Quite a stron healing potion to be able to repair partly broken bones in a few hours. But then again, it did cost him most of his money. He'll need to either steal some or find a job. Or he can steal a horse in the night...

Damien slowly got off his couch, putting down the book he had been reading and crossing his room to the door. Damien opened the door to see Myra standing outside, obscured with a cloak.

"Come in." Damien said, turning around and motioning for Myra to enter his room. It was rather large, bookshelves lined the walls and there was a large balcony off the side of his room. There was a large bed sitting in the back, along with other menial objects that lay scattered around his large room.

"I see that you decided to come?"

Kurin is somehow looking lazy and pensive at the same time, in the darkest corner of a tavern. Spicy mead is in a mug infront of him, and he sits guarded

"....I wonder if birds can get drunk..."

... Apparently lazyness and thought goes together strangely

While Kain slept in the carriage, Another was on the prowl during this day.
Using his knowledge of the city, influence in the city, and his acrobatics, Marne had managed to locate one of his targets. Zavior was found by an rookie Aurora member somewhere in the Nafria district. Marne questioned his subordinate on the streets, "Where is he?" "Some bar from around here." Marne was losing patience and began to rush the questions, "What bar!?" "I don't know I never saw the name." Marne glanced at the followers around him on the rooftops. All of them were experienced and could easily all follow someone while hiding in plain sight. Marne yelled, "Find him now! Don't let him catch on and don't attack him!" The followers jumped down the building and Marne quickly lost sight of them the moment they entered the crowd. Marne quietly and discreetly climbed down the building and waited for a messenger to come.

Kurin left the tavern, it was in Middle District on the Upper District border, straightening himself up slightly, he appeared as a slightly rugged Mage would, or perhaps a well dressed mercenary depending on who asked, and he walked into the Upper district to wander around the night-life

"Maybe something is happening somewhere else."

Zavior wandered the markets in Nafria, looking for anybody looking to hire someone. He didn't find anybody, but made a mental note of where the horse rental vender was. The lowest costing horse was 75 Kiel, and he only had 8. He didn't want to stow away on some random person's carriage because most trade traffic goes east from Nafria, not south to the Upper District.

He'd just have to try his hand at pickpocketing. It's been a few years, so he's out of practice, but Zavior started looking for an easy target.

(Middle District, Northeast of The Middle Markets)

It was with a weary step that Asael entered his home scanning the few empty rooms of the humble residence's first floor, the walls sparcely decorated spare a few scenic paintings, and dusty tapestries.

Asael then let out a yawn, ascending the stairs to the second floor that led into a hallway that possessed two doors on either side, "I know you're in there Isaac" spoke the Perceptive Cynic noticing one of the doors had a light pouring out and was jammed open, a scruffy charcoal haired boy of about thirteen poking his head out.

"How did you know it was me?" asked the Perplexed Youth, "you're the only person who would sneak in my house just to raid the study" replied Asael, slipping off his jacket as he went to enter his bedroom, "well you're the only person I know who has a study" replied Isaac who now stood in the dimly lit hall.

"Wonderful" said Asael in a sardonic tone, speaking over the noise of his grey jacket landing upon his coat rack, "yeah well, I also found something that you might be interested in" said Isaac standing at the room's entrance, holding a large poster.

It was with a curious eye that Asael looked back at Isaac, "yes, a piece of paper, very interesting" replied Asael with a seemingly straight face as Isaac quickly entered the room, "no Mister Asael its a wanted poster, the rewards a thousand kiel" insisted Isaac handing the poster over with a spark in his eye.

Asael scanned every detail of the wanted poster with a studied look, "Kain, thats a rather imposing name isn't it?" spoke the Nonchalant Swordsman, "I guess, but I should be getting home I've been waiting to show that poster to you, and if I'm not prying to much Mister Asael where were you?" asked a concerned Isaac placing his hands within the pockets of his beaten brown winter coat.

"Working" was the simple answer Asael gave Isaac, ridding himself of the weight his sword and sheath beared, laying them down on the cluttered desk near his bed, "you know the anniversary was two days ago, you could've showed up, I think she'd have like that" said Isaac in a somber tone as he took a step backwards towards the door.

"I didn't have the time" vaguely spoke Asael keeping eye contact to a minimum as he placed Kain's poster upon his desk, "thank you for the poster, now if you don't mind I'm going to make up for a sleepless night" commented the Swordsman gesturing for Isaac to leave.

Isaac looked defeated as he turned to leave, stopping for just a second to turn back and look at the man he used to call a hero, "you know I really wish you would go back to the way you were when Brielle was around, you were a person then, not the husk I see now, goodbye Mister Asael" were Isaac's parting words, the distant expression of Asael was all Isaac saw before shutting the door behind him, trotting down the stairs and out the house.

It was then with a sigh and sullen look that Asael sat upon his mattress, looking at the all to familiar surroundings of his empty home Isaac now gone but his words still ringing loud and clear, 'that person disappeared, and no wish will bring him back' sullenly whispered Asael's mind, laying his head upon his pillow to rest, hoping to block out the world for at least a few hours.

Marne traveled with his followers who have located Zavior. Upon picking him out in the crowed Marne came up with a plan. Marne stood in the middle of the street with a Aurora member and made a show of giving the subordinate a bag of Kiel in exchange for an item. The member would lure Zavior to a secure location while the others brought a carriage to the spot. Marne sent everyone on their way and hanged back to watch how things unfold.

Zavior noticed someone buying something in the middle of the crowd. The seller looked distracted and it looked like a lot of Kiel. It was strange they would do this in the middle of the market, not near any stand. Zavior ignored his suspisions and started following him through the crowd, trying to get close enough to reach into his cloak pocket.

Kurin, having been wandering all night managed to reach this market, and notices the transaction as well. He deftly swipes a hat off a kid playing tag nearby, and then makes his way casually to the other end of the market with the hat on, before sitting against a wall. Just another stranger resting off a hard night, he'd appear to be as he pulls the hat on to block the sun, knowing that he might have to sit here for awhile to satisfy his curiosity at the rather large amount of money being thrown down.

Upper District

"Let me pass, Damien sent me." Kid said, trying to get past the guards. "Like hell, why would we believe you tramp? A Mage would never even look at you, let alone let you in here!" Kid scowled. "Look, just let me pass! I don't want to waste my time!" The guards looked at each other. "Fine, but if anything gets stolen we're looking for you!" They let Kid pass, telling him were to go, and he walked to the tower. "Damien, it's me Kid! Let me in!" He said as he knocked.

Marne looked around for Zavior and saw that he was taking the bait. Marne signaled any remaining members to follow close behind. The place where they were luring him to is a "for sell" building, around the back. Marne kept his bag of sand at the ready. Rope was also inconspicuously on stand by.

Kurin gets up and follows the seller aswell, casually, still looking like just another commoner while discreetly keeping an eye out, noticing a man following the seller. Another curious bystander perhaps? His instincts start flaring, and he starts looking around for anyone moving in formation while he follows the two. His boredom is gone, so there IS that.

Damien sighed, turning to the door again and waving his hand. The door swung open, revealing Kid standing in the doorway and it seemed as if he had just been pounding on the door. Damien motioned for him to enter as well, before returning to his couch and sitting down. He motioned for Myra and Kid to do the same. Damien waved his arms, pulling two chairs from different parts of the room so that they were facing the couch he now sat on.

"So... Myra, if you wish to stay and learn, you can sleep in the room next to this one. I assume Kid merely wishes to speak about business." Damien said, pointing over his shoulder to the room next to the one they were in.

Shiba sighed, he had been in the middle market all morning, and was growing bored of the wares for sale. He had bought himself lunch, and had also fought away a few would be thieves. He brushed some of his hair out his eyes, and went to go move into some shade for a while. While he was fighting away the thieves, he realised that they were lucky, they could end up like Jonah, slaughtered buy someone like him for money.

He walked over to another stall, bought another piece of fruit for the trip back to his home in the Upper District, he was sober now and his hangover was gone, and if he didn't leave now, then he might miss training.

Myra entered the room self-consciously. "Thank you." She ran a hand through her hair, embarrassed that she'd nearly forgotten the glaring cleanliness of the Upper District. She was out of place here, despite her childhood in a tower room not so dissimilar from this one. "I'd like to help too, if I can, Damien. I haven't dealt much with fighting other magics, but if it follows the patterns of any natural diseases or toxins, I might be of use." She wondered what to do with her pack, if it was too presumptuous to dump it in the mentioned room, but it wasn't a weight she was unused to.

She eyed Kid, wondering guiltily what his name was. She hadn't bothered to ask, and it occurred to her that she should have.

Zavior noticed the guy he was following entered a building for sale. He thought that was strange and he cautiously entered the building after the man.

Marne quickly walked up to Zavior in the building, flipped him around and through sand in his face then tackled him to bind the hands. Through the struggle Marne called out for the others to come help.

Kurin noticed the formation right before the ambush, and chuckled. Professionals, someone did something a bit dangerous. He walked around the building quickly and then used his telekinesis to silently and swiftly "jump" up to a window, where he stuck closely inside a shadow on the windowsill, observing the events inside, and hoped that they were as smart as he thought and not more, as he looked around for any lookouts that might see him

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