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6.5/10. All I've ever heard of the Darkness is "I Believe in a Thing Called Love," which I don't love, so I didn't know what to expect. This wasn't bad at all, very faithfully 80s, like a slightly irritating Rick Springfield or something.

6/10. I always found Depeche Mode to be quite boring.

4/10 - that beast gave me one killer headache and I had no idea what he was saying.

AtTheEndOfTheDay/10... have to be honest... that was pretty awesome...<.<

6/10 two pixies songs on the one page!?
That drum beat was an unrelenting tempo and gave the song its only real structure. It would be a weird song without it.

Junip: always.

7/10. Not bad, kinda reminded me of Bob Dylan.

3/10 Woah that music vid didn't fit the song which was probably the point but still. The song though was pretty similar to other bands of the like. The mix of over produced Fallout boy type singing and Scremo has never sat well with me.

Oh well to each his own, I'd imagine all the indie rock/pop I post is annoying for someone to repeatedly have to rate.

New Cold war kids.
Not their best but still I'm happy to see them going.

7/10. I can never actually recognize Cold War Kids when I hear their songs. I even have a few songs of theirs on my iPod and every time they come on, I'm like "this is pretty good, but who is it and why is it on my iPod." Anyway, yeah, this is pretty good as well.

7/10, I really liked it, though there's something that feels very bare bones about it, like there's more they could've done with it... also, don;t like how the rapper sort of just name drops different rock terms, that always makes it feel like he has no idea what he's talking about...<.<

Can't get this song out of my head...<.<


Ahh yeah, that's exactly the kind of active rockyness I really enjoy from these guys. Too bad the melody in both parts of the song doesn't really get in my ear as well as I'd like, it just seems needlessly....obstructed for lack of a better word - especially in the second part. I also really hate these guys for not utilizing that tempting trumpet at the beginning. I would have loved to hear this a little bit more throughout the song. I really do like that fade-out with the acoustic guitar a lot, though.

And since we already had a recent earworm now, how about I'll also share mine these days?

Too...long but that bloody refrain...too good :D

7.5 That actually managed to be pretty good

6.5/10. I was scared it was gonna be all metal after the quiet part ended. It went in a better direction and ended up being pretty cool after the slow start.

8/10. I love The Pogues.

Man, why can't more rappers be like Macklemore.


Oh my...the pretentiousness levels are off the chart! ITS OVER 9000! Honestly, while I admire his fervour with which he damns the effect of hard drugs, the music, the video and the lyrics ooze the same kind of tired annoyance that every second PSA with similar messages seem to emit. It takes a good chunk away from the music, which I have to admit is pretty solid. The interludes provide a nice counterpoint and the rapping fits to the instruments more often than I'd anticipated at the start. The melodrama of the music alone is also on levels I can tolerate or even enjoy. Still far too cheesy for me...

How about a metaly-folky instrumental piece?


I recognized Nightwish from their song in LBP2, kinda interesting how varied their music is if this and the other song are any indication.

I like the original song so much better this cover kind of sucks

8/10... that's some fucking rock! sure it had it's problems, the singer felt kind of uninterested roughly half the time, the guitar solo kind of sucked and at some points it edges too much on that "modern metal" over processed sound, but other than that it's guitar fuzz, head banging action...<.<

Try to avoid posting Dinosaur Jr, since it's all I ever post, but whatever, first thing in my recently watched videos on Youtube...<.<

7.5/10. I usually can't stand Dinosaur Jr. due to the fact they bore me. But this song was pretty fucking good.

The vid doesn't work in my country THE FOOLS!

But I found it easily enough....5/10
Really cool clip; flare drumming should happen more often.
The song was pretty good for the heavier music. What I really liked was that the singer was that really rare perfect level of scream and not sounding like he is just clearing his throat violently.

One of the heaviest bands I go.
I have to be in the mood though..... God that made me sound uncool.

7 that was decent but nothing too special

5/10. I liked the drumming. Everything else was kind of bland though.

5/10. A less interesting version of songs I've heard before

@Kenbo: 2/10. Vocals are crummy. Percussion and guitar are fine, but the melody is forgettable. Can't even hear the bass. The song lacks punch, there is no single part of that recording that hooks the listener. Subpar overall.

@Launce: 9/10. That's what I like to hear. Good ol' punk rock. I love the garage sound. No production necessary, just get four guys together in a room and hit record. There's just the right amount of grit to it. Considering this was from '87, I'm glad they kept the production minimal.


The sound reminds me a little bit of the first Offspring albums - which is not particularly good since I don't really like the lacking sound quality and polish that this comparison entails. However, it's far more rocky than the Offspring and it has a really addictive melody to it. Definitely a good song.


My relationship with Pink Floyd is kind of strange. Considering what I listen to, I should be an ardent fan of them. However, while a lot of their songs are ingenious (yes I'm talking to you, The Wall, Time and Atom Heart Mother!) I find myself always a bit...underwhelmed by them. For me, they somehow lack punch and memorability that I happen to find more in other prog bands. This song kind of exemplifies this: the overall sound and the guitarwork (especially the recurring solo) is really enjoyable but there is no real hook or climax to it - nothing that let's it particularly stand out and nothing that really gets to me.

How about music that would not feel misplaced in a Castlevania game?

@Chrom: Sounds like it came from an anime, or maybe a JRPG. I'm quite annoyed by that actually, I can't enjoy it on its own. You're right when you say it wouldn't be out of place in a Castlevania game. It's background music.

5/10. Not good. Not bad. Just eh.

Also, we need to talk about your Floyd issues. Not now, but someday.

10/10. My favorite Doors song.

6.8/10. The last couple minutes were really fantastic, but it took far, far too long to get there. The slowest of slow burners.

Let's keep the African theme going

7/10, not bad, but not something I'd listen to.

8/10. I love Underoath, but that isn't one of my favourite songs they've done. =)

7/10. Good song, but not their best.

3/10...The musicianship was pretty uninspired and none of the instruments really gelled together in my mind...Any kind of screaming just turns me right off and ruins any song for me...I think we're just polar opposites

Here's mine ^_^

7/10 I dug it.

5/10. Kind bland, good for background noise though.

4/10. Sounded like a bad My Chemical Romance

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