The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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David, Tajuh, Shadow, Riki, Kud

Shadow looked at the mess that used to be the world leaders. He just sighed and decided to state the obvious "I guess we're to late then?"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn | Washington D.C.
Time: Afternoon

A.I. Vermilion | Jake | Kyre | Mark

"Smother the light, let none of that which is considered divine be standing, let the darkness of humanity spread it's influence to all the world and beyond," Kyre continued grimly, her hands lifted the black flame into the air. "Perish all the angels and agents of this divine power that has declared aggression toward Kurumu. Slay everything in this place."

She paused and looked up at Mark, her eyes twinkling in the explosions in the distance, "Am I not an anti-magus...? Then let me attempt to become an anti-thesis to everything. Let me fight." The flame in her hands sparked brilliantly, and a streak of black, toxic, fire drew itself from her hands and danced around her body. "And let me strike down the one that has caused me all this trouble. The Angel from the Eastern Isle."

Avatar Adventure
Location: Risign Dawn | Washington D.C.
Time: Afternoon

A.I. Vermilion | Jake | Kyre | Mark

She uttered a single phrase as the fire formed a black shield around the ship and held firm against the explosives, kinetics, and thermal output of the enemy fighters, "Get. Me. To. Him."


BlackHarte | Red Mage

"Humanity is a cute little toy don't you think Red?" the shadow within BlackHarte's body mused. That fundamental intellect that resided deep at the heart of the Stone of Darkness, and indeed every human. That urge to do selfish things, that urge to sin. This darkness spoke directly through BlackHarte and his, indeed, black heart, "you spent all that time trying to save them... all those sacrifices, and they still crawled back to their everyday lives, cursing, cheating, lying, living in utmost treachery to amuse themselves and themselves alone."

Red Mage listened in silent anger, his body bound to the Lord of Nightmare's great crystal network. He wished to speak, but his throat no longer existed to him.

"Let's talk about your little Kyre Cwanuld," BlackHarte cleaned out the grime from his nails as he spoke, "nothing but a glorified fucktoy, pent up anger maybe, frustration maybe, but all in all just consumed and enveloped by lust. Who did that to her? Other humans, who made her suffer and fed that little black sprite of hers called humanity?"

Red Mage spit at BlackHarte.

The man laughed and placed a rough hand on Red Mage's head and pulled his green eyes to BlackHarte's own. "I'm talking to you about your freedom, try not to disrespect me while I'm here in this forsaken plane."

Red was silent now. More so than he was at the beginning.

"Kyre Cwanuld will not be coming for you, but I can help bargain with LoN. I might be able to get you out of here if we can sub someone in with the same appropriate powers as you, and possibly, luckily, attuned with your soul as well."

Red's eyes widened suddenly and narrowed.

The BlackHarte grinned, "You never know who you can find wandering the planes of Oblivion after death. I have two girls with me. I suppose you can guess who they are."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - Beachhead
Aftan | Akane | Gabrielle | Devon | Ella

Devon did his part by pulling his guitar out and playing a song that spurred the group on to do even better in the attack, although it was nearly done by this point. "C'mon, keep going hard! We've gotta stop that batshit crazy Archangel!"

Devon is using a Bard Song to Inspire Courage! An affected ally receives a +2 morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and a +2 morale bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls.

Tajuh | David | Riki | Kud | Shadow

The sheer amount of blood in the area was sickening, and most anyone that had lived a peaceful life before this would be shocked by the display. It certainly didn't help that various images that were extremely vulgar were painted on the walls with the blood of the diplomats. "Here I thought I'd escape that scent... Stick close and don't let Tomoya get the drop." Tajuh seemed to strain as the rest of the group seemed to see things in slow motion.

Tajuh pulled out the Time Warp! He can sustain it for 10 rounds without having to make DC10 checks to keep it on the whole group.

Garm | Jenny | Lucifer | Lupito | Rodem | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Slindis kept moving through the group, making headway to the Main area from the bodies that Lupito had made. "Look, that form isn't that bad to fight in. It's young, and you have just enough strength to do some damage. Besides, you have that magic in reserve." She kept close to the body Teri was speaking with, ensuring no interruption while Teri talked with the wolf.

As Lucifer got used to the new body, he remembered something about two of Gilliam's men that had had it much worse with the formshifting ability. Rumor had it that the two had shifted around so much that they'd not be picked out for the opposite gender when they shifted from the way they acted, a fact that had helped them greatly.

Meanwhile, the cultists were quickly thinning out as Lupito cleared out the cultists with his attacks. Thank you for the help, pup of Slindis and the Striders. It's helping out a lot! The wolf tore out the throat of one that had gotten too close to Jenny and brushed up against the Gardevoir with fur that would be considered soft had Jenny not been in contact with Akane's tails earlier.

Kurumu | Melethia | Puce

Melethia nodded at the attack. "Hmm, that was nice... but that's easy for you. How about this?" She threw down a small phial and five large vials at the remaining group. The cultists that weren't winged by the large initial blast of electricity fled away. The frigid blasts to the sides encouraged them to follow a narrow path for survival until one of them stepped on the small phial, sending a splitting screech down the line of enemies that caused the ears, eyes, and internal organs of the cultists to rupture and fall dead with blood oozing from the eyes.

"See? That one was more fun to watch, and they weren't forced into the trap by any weird control." The two's rivalry was contributing greatly to the loss of the larger number of the cultists in DC, and it was showing from the bodies scattered around.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - Beachhead
Aftan | Akane | Devon | Ella | Fire Imps | Gabrielle

The appearance of the fire imps was certainly a shock, but it was certainly welcomed by Devon. "Thanks, guys. Could ya back me up for a bit while I help Ella?" The imps continued setting the robes on fire from the hems and letting the fires climb up the body. Since the imps had heard Devon's song as they had come in, its effects lingered in their minds as they worked to keep the cultists off him.

While the imps kept the enemies distracted, Devon went over to Ella's side and responded to Aftan. "Yeah, I know them. I thought that they'd died in Hell, but they seemed to have made it through. Now, Ella, hold on. I'll help you out with that injury there." His hand glowed faintly with the energy of the Cure Serious Wounds spell and was p;aced over the injury, and he watched in amazement as the bullet was forced out and the injury.

Devon looked at the Succubus with concern and held her as he spoke. "Ella, are you feeling better?" If Ella looked, she could see the imps fighting with an unusual amount of dedication to Devon as they lit fires in the cultist's ranks, considering how cowardly they were known for being.

Devon casts Cure Serious Wounds on Ella! 18 seconds before another level 3 spell. It's still 6 seconds before another level 2 spell.

Garm | Jenny | Lucifer | Lupito | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

As Lucifer made progress, the man/woman/whatever could see the path that Lupito had made, and the cultists had become incredibly wary of the wolf by this point. It picked up on the scent of Lucifer or perhaps the excessive amounts of perfume the body had on and approached Lucifer with caution.

You, you're no pup. You're the head of a pack. So why do you hide it? The wolf which went up to Lucifer's head was tempering it's curiosity with caution.

Kurumu | Melethia | Puce

Melethia grinned. "Mister Puce, don't ya know about 'shock an awe'? Scare the suckers off from the start, it messes 'em up big time. See? They don't wanna do much of anythin' to us now!"

Dark Tomoya.
location: Capitol Building, main conference room | DC.
Time: 9Am.
Weather: Black clouds..

David, Tajuh, Shadow, Riki, Kud

As Tomoya threw the last World Leader on a pile with the rest he noticed everyone enter the building, the smell of life was strong and could easily be spotted. "No shit Sherlock... " He responded at Shadow, "Come in, come in... I know you guys are there!" Tomoya said as he happily threw the chainsaw away and sat down at the head of the table, and looked at the entrance waiting everyone to come in. "Welcome everyone, I hope you like the new paint job... did it myself. It is also good to see you again Shadow... got that insanity thing sorted out?" Tomoya's blood covered face smiled as he put his legs up on the table awaiting everyone to enter the main conference room.

As Riki heard the dark voice of the dark Archangel he held onto the box which contained the Stone of Light which hung around his neck. The group now lost the advantage of surprise and had to confront the archangel. "Don't worry... I won't bite... yet"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn | Washington D.C.
Time: Afternoon

A.I. Vermilion | Jake | Kyre | Mark

Kyre was hesitant at first, she didn't want to entrust her life to the workings of some machine that couldn't have been trustingly put together. At least not in her opinion. But at the same time it didn't seem like she had an options to the contrary of that.

"Very well," she answered,clasping her hands around the fire and smothering it back into that emptiness that existed within her, "tell me where these drop pods are, and I will go to them."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

D.C. Battle Grounds - Beachhead
Aftan | Akane | Devon | Ella | Fire Imps | Gabrielle

When the imps headed over for the next orders, Devon took a moment to check up on them. They'd all taken some minor injuries, but he patted each one on the shoulder to motivate them and keep them going. "You guys mind making sure that we don't have any surprises and take out some of the lights up ahead? Not all of them, but enough to give some decent shadows to work with." They chittered out a yes and went ahead to carry out the orders.

After the six ran off, Devon turned back to Ella. "I'll take you up on that offer, but I'm gonna have to get something that looks a bit better. This shirt is pretty beat up, not to mention the pants..." The Bard's clothing had been beaten and torn from the various near misses of the attacks, and the pants were clearly going to have to be replaced.

Level 2 spells are now available again, level 3 spells still have 12 seconds

Garm | Jenny | Lucifer | Lupito | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Lupito cocked his head to the side as Lucifer talked to him telepathically.

I don't need the flattery, so just call me Lupito like Slindis does. I finally found a way to get to her, and I just happened upon the pup Garm along the way. He'll protect the human pup of Slindis much like you aimed at doing. It took time, effort, and lots of bodies, but I finally got here.

One stray cultist that was barely alive went for her weapon, but Lupito pounced on her and crushed the head with one decisive bite. You feel like that Bernstein man with your presence yet you don't at the same time. You're almost like that small dark-skinned pup that I saw on the way here. Adorable child, but I don't get why she was so fond of the snow.

Kurumu | Melethia | Puce

Melethia looked at the wide area that her and Kurumu had torn through and gave the Succubus a high five. "Skyhair, consider yaself a member of the Banshee!" She looked through the bodies for a moment and salvaged the gunpowder from the weapons, placing it in the pouch where Kurumu had seen her pulling out all the explosive compounds.

As they walked down the path, the two girls had gained a respect for each other's skills, and they felt more talented as well.

Melethia is now level 11!

David, Tajuh, Shadow, Riki, Kud

Tajuh looked at Tomoya and sighed. "Color scheme's workable, but you're breaking thirty-seven different kinds of codes with the way you did it. Unfortunately for you, I'm the one that has to get this place up to code." He drew a single blade and casually examined the fallen angel, at the ready to dodge the first attack.

Time Warp has 42 seconds remaining for the group before checks have to be made to keep the enhanced reactions on the whole group.

Dark Tomoya/others.
location: Capitol Building, main conference room | DC.
Time: 9Am.
Weather: Black clouds..

Tomoya sighed as he noticed the prepping for attack. "Can I at least have a drink before... all of this happens." Tomoya said as he raised his glass and coughed.

"Don't worry, I know everything. That kid has... " Tomoya paused as he noticed the young couple. "*Ahem* Yeah, that kid has the Stone of Light... told to be my weakness, right?" D.Tomoya said as he reached into a hole in his chest, and pulled out a similar stone which was black and radiated black lightning. "The Ultimate Stone of Darkness... someone gave it to me." Tomoya smiled as he lodged the stone back into his chest.

David, Tajuh, Shadow, Riki, Kud.
location: Capitol Building, main conference room | DC.
Time: 9Am.
Weather: Black clouds..

Some what or some how, the stone of light fell out of the box which hung around the young boys head. A single bounce from the stone emitted a blinding light (Which didn't blind anyone) in the room. As the light faded everyone could see a phased Tomoya but he still talked. Except the Dark Angel had a blue tint in his red eyes and some of his hair was blue. Even the lightning surrounding him was partly blue.

"It might of been stupid to tell you that but... it would make things more interesting." Tomoya smiled for a second, not as a being of evil but as a human. "First thing is first... I know you guys will beat me... but... but, before I turn... he is controll...BLA" Tomoya froze for a second as he threw up a black liquid came from his mouth and the hole in his chest.

A sigh came from him as he cleaned himself up. "He knows...let me just say... before... forgive us all and use the stone!" Tomoya said and soon started to cry. The black liquid which was spewed out began to move towards Tomoya and eventually climbed back into his body. "I... I just want to go home... back to... them" He cried once more before the blue in Tomoya's eyes had turned back into red.

location: Archangel Fleet | Blackhawke | Main Chamber.

The unknown figure which sat upon the throne smiled as he noticed everything and everyone around the DC area. Not just all his enemies have gathered but even some of his friends. "Funny thing... " He smirked once more as he drank from a goblet which contained a dark liquid. A small missing piece was missing from the unknown person's mind and then it hit him. "Impossible!" He yelled out looking around quickly and noticed that Dark Tomoya has reverted and began to do the work which would return him back to evil.

Dark Tomoya/others.
location: Capitol Building, main conference room | DC.
Time: 9Am.
Weather: Black clouds..

The black lightning surrounded him once more as he jumped onto the table. "Okay... that was enough talking, you should DIE!" The now Dark Tomoya yelled out in the room as he jumped onto the table and the black lightning surrounding him formed into a shape in his hands.

The two barrels began to spin and launch black lightning in the form of bullets.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

Dark Tomoya/others.

Tajuh watched as the two schoolkids jumped out of the way of the lightning and towards some cover then made his way to attack Tomoya with his blade. Just have to keep his attention on me and off of the two kids there while they do their thing. He rolled out of the way of the lightning while they whizzed by close enough to char the back of his clothing.

"Impressive aim for a freshly-trained soldier. Where'd you pick it up?" The backhanded insult might draw the ire of the Archangel, and the fact that Tajuh was making his way closer to Tomoya was also something of note.

D.C. Battle Grounds - The National Mall
Aftan | Akane | Devon | Ella | Fire Imps | Gabrielle

He looked across the ruined capital and began chatting to Ella as they made their way through the area. "Tell me about it, Ella. Still, there's work that's gotta be done and you could look worse. If you've got a big problem with the clothing you're wearing, you can use my shirt to cover up a bit better." Devon took off the long-sleeved green button up shirt and handed it to Ella, revealing the dark blue chainmail shirt over the form-fitting white shirt underneath.

"Gabrielle, will those lights being out help you move further?" He gave a small wave to the shadow knight as the imps made their way back to him. "You guys wanna try rounding up the rest of the people?"

The two approached the building side by side as the imps scattered off to the rest of the crew.

Garm | Jenny | Lucifer | Lupito | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Lupito gave a low bark of affirmation at Lucifer's thoughts then continued. The dark skinned cub did like my fur. She said it was soft, then gave me some help getting to Garm. She's a good packmaster.

He looked down as Lucifer gave the dead woman a semblance of peace then quipped back. The man may learn, but it would be difficult to. He would have to give up everything he knows for that to happen, and there would be many from his former pack that would wish him dead. Ultimately, he's a fool trying to hunt the deer: without aid, he will surely fail.

The mention of Melethia did bring a more cheerful tone to the wolf's thoughts. Oh, Slindis' green-furred pup? I remember her quite well! She used to carry me when she was first taken home. She's a sharp one, and she has the blood of a packmaster in her. It's a shame that she wasn't taught by her mother, though. Slindis wanted heer pup to stay inside in that hall

Kurumu | Melethia | Puce

The smell of blood at the Capital building was far too strong and Melethia looked up at Kurumu with concern. "Skyhair, Mister Puce, we got here late... do ya think the Kinslayer is still in?"

Dark Tomoya/others.
Capitol Building.

The darkness rose inside Tomoya like a volcano. His eye had turned black, his lightning lost control and lashed all around him, charring anything near him.

"Fuck you too!!!" He screamed out as he jumped at Tajuh, throwing away the mini-gun and switching it for his shadow sword which appeared from no wear. "I'm going to kill you, but first I need to decide how to torture you... AND EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS DAMNED EARTH!" He screamed as he lightning tentacles lashed out from his back.

The others who just came in could clearly see that Tomoya was not himself and was out of control and ignoring them.

>Corrupt File.

once again the unknown figure was looking upon the battle, except more detail in the Capitol building which he read that Tomoya had started to fight. "They haven't found it out yet... good." He said to the empty room which contained only darkness and the light of his computer screen. "Lets make things more interesting... " He smirked as he looked onto the screen.

>Command Accepted.
Operation Devil will commence on command.

The words popped up onto the screen as the short figure smiled upon them. "Soon I will do what Brother could not!
After all they still have to pay... for all those cold things.
For only if they knew the truth...
Who is behind all of this...

He sighed as he returned his gaze to the Earth.
"What am I exactly?
Courage. "

The small figure looked back at himself and tucked himself into a ball.
"I just want brother to be safe."

Shaking his head multiple times he focused on the task at hand.
"Someone get Shepard and tell him to get a platoon of soldiers and Storm ready for drop. We have to rescue Tomoya!" He yelled into the console beside him.

Soon the Blackhawke was up in arms again as they prepared to send Dark Angels to the ground as well as the repaired and healed Storm.

Blackhawke VIP Cell 1.

After several hours and multiple cuts.
Shaun had rebuilt the mirror on the ground.
He gazed deep into his eyes.
"He just can't be evil...
I refuse to believe so.
I must wait and confront him.

Shaun got his courage back and now aimed to return his other self back.
He must rescue himself to save himself and everyone he loves.
The only thing he can do... is wait.
Wait for rescue and hopefully explain the best he can without being killed or killing anyone.

Garm | Jenny | Lucifer | Lupito | Rodem Aw, he just wants to be included | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Teri thought long and hard about what her final question would be, as she knew full well that this would be the last time she'd be able to question the soldier, and finally came to the following:

"Are there any other security measures aside from the ones you've already mentioned?"

A hollow "No" echoed from the body, and Teri gave it a nod, closing the Captain's eyes. Before removing the cross from the soldier's forehead, she spoke a gentle prayer, "Thank you, Captain. May you find peace in the Lord's embrace."

Taking away the focus, The Cleric stood, and turned to her comrades, her expression slack after speaking with the corpse, "And there we have it. Any ideas what to do next?"

That was when she noticed that Lucifer was missing, and looked around curiously while waiting for an answer.

David West

"....You motherfucker..."
David was looking at the remains of the Leaders he had failed, most what was left of them showed they had suffered greatly at Tomoya's hand.
....all I had to do was make the shot...
"...You.....oohhhh....You......" He said as he let the anger go to his head.
He then Unloaded Blast rounds at the Angels form.
It wasn't likely to do much, but he was too pissed to give a shit.


Rugal meanwhile was starting at the White House in the distance, he knew the angel was too powerful to attack now.
"Now...We find that man and get this situation under control..." He bluntly said as he sprinted off towards the White House


Jenny meanwhile was watching the entire battle rage on all around her.
"....I'm defiantly not in Kanto anymore...Come on Lupito, to the White house!...Please?" She asked her mount as Rugal raced by.

Edit: Capital Building changed to White House, Sorry :(

Garm | Jenny | Lucifer | Lupito | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

The Cleric balked when Rugal ran off, and shivered a little, remembering that one time she was on the receiving end of a sprint like that. However, indigence took root, and she yelled, "HEY! Wait up! Not all of us ar-..."

She paused for a moment, looking to Garm and getting an idea. Climbing onto the wolf, she gripped some fur and muttered, "Hope this is anything like riding a horse... Garm! Follow Mr. Bernstein!"

The wolf sniffed the air for a moment, and then sprung to action, taking the girl by surprise. No, Teri, riding a wolf is not very much like riding a horse. In fact, the number of times you've legitimately ridden a horse can be counted on one hand, and that horse wasn't even trotting!

However, it was a good thing that she had decided to situate herself before commanding the wolf, or else she probably would have fallen off. It was safe to say the experience was probably the best mixture of fear and joy the girl had known to date. As Rugal began to come into sight, the girl let out a whoop of joy, and tried to wave at The King of Fighters (but failing miserably),

"Lead the way, sir!"

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.
Weather: Black lightning.

The weather outside was going crazy, everyone could clearly see black lightning rumbling in the black clouds wanting just to strike the Earth with all it's force. Nothing was holding it back except it's master. Tomoya, he was going crazy in there ever since everyone showed up and was starting to attack him. Soon, but soon he will change once more due to the person controlling him.

As David yelled, insulted and shot at Tomoya the bullets were flying past him, but some caught his black wings which blocked them completely like they were made out of metal or something. Tomoya gave out a roar and immediately turned his attention to David and ran right in front of him to deliver a punch to the gut at human speed. Afterwards soon returned his attention to Tajuh who was still trying to slash at the Dark Angel but couldn't hit him due to the lightning tentacles coming out of his back.


Tomoya roared across the room, the lightning coming out of his back lashed at everything and everyone and took a swipe at everyone. Right now Dark Tomoya looked more like a beast then an angel.

Dark Knight Storm-178.
Location: DC Airspace | Above DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.

A couple of Angel Carriers flew over head from the main fleet and soon began to bombard the area with bombs, missiles and all sorts of high advance weaponry. Even the many AA towers couldn't hold up against the ships (Nudge, nudge) as they easily made their way into the city to help their Lord. The ships soon also began to shoot down drop pod of soldiers down, not the usual soldier kind but angel soldiers which wore power armor like in New York.

Among them their now changed Commander was being sent down. After the last mission Storm was injured greatly from attacks and was sent to the emergency area of the Blackhawke, during that process the unknown stranger on the ship made him even more corrupt then before and told the doctors to put him in this armor.

The armor he wore was made from hardened darkness and he carried an advanced shotgun and sword.
As his pod crashed into the front of the Capitol Building Storm got out and saw the riots in front of the building still going on. "Don't worry... Tomoya. I'll save you." Storm said in a dark voice as he started to to walk to the Capitol building and killed most of the crowd during the way.

David West

Despite his best efforts, it was clear that his attempts did little against the Arch Angel.
In his anger, he didn't defend or evade Tomoya's Gut punch which struck with enough force to cause him to fall to his knees, coughing blood as he did.
He shakily stood himself in time for Tomoya's massive room clearing swipe.

The next thing he knew, he was flying.
Bang though the wall of the meeting room, bang though the wall of the hallway, bang though the front door.
And on top of this, David was now rolling down the stairs of the Capital Building, passing by dead bodies on his ride down the blood soaked steps.
He finally came to a rest at the bottom, hitting the ground with a thud.
He wasn't sure what was broken, but it was clear that everything hurt. A lot.
"" He groaned as he tried to get back up.

Outside Washington, UNIT Staging Grounds.

"Gotta love Fundamentalists Eh?" "

As the battle commenced some distance away, The CO's of UNIT were listening in to the emerging duel between The Emo Git, Tajuh and David. Unbeknownst to the Agent, his phone had been switched on and was now giving them the exact location of the Emo Git along with an audio feed of the scene. "We allow the Secondary School kids to deal with The Emo Git." An officer nodded, "And if his army of licorice death shows up, we hold the line in place of the two teenagers equipped only with a shiny rock?" "Correct, you win a new car. Are the squads in place?". The officer pointed to several points on the map. "Snipers are cloaked, and the AA guns are almost ready, they'll be in a vice".

They observed the carriers appearing, noting the formation of the drop pods. "Let them move in, wait for the opportunity to strike".

Meanwhile, on The Streets of DC.

As the first squads of Angel Drop Troops moved into the city, a thought began to emerge among some of the squad leaders. This was too easy! There were no UN forces, The US military was attacking the heroes who were tied up with the cultists. It was as if no one was going to stop them. Then they realised.......... they were being let into the city. "GET OUT! RETRE-"

Before they could imitate Admiral Ackbar, the ambush struck. Blasts from Sniper Plasma Rifles disintegrated most of the first wave of Drop Troops, taken completely off guard. The now exposed sniper groups deployed Plasma Gatlings and AA guns, holding their positions for as long as possible, the Angel barrages overhead preventing them from moving from their locations.

Then the fleet arrived. All four Skycarriers appeared over the Angel carriers in the same manner that they had vanished from New York, fighters, VTOLs and other craft all pouring off the decks, looking to press on this attack. The longer they could keep The Dark Angels on the ropes, the better. Troops were now being deployed all over the city, looking to clean up the debacle and prevent a repeat of New York. VTOL's made strafing runs on Angel positions to keep the heat of the heroes.

It was now a full-on battlefield, each street, building and bridge was now contested. Richardson walked onto the flight deck of The Valiant, observing the deployment of the mockingly named "Archangel Squadron". Equipped with the heaviest armour they had, and possessing jet packs for a smooth descent, they looked to keep the angel forces in a vice. "He want's a 'descent of angels', he has one now." They dropped onto the city, moving to cover the Capital Building.

"Might as well join in on the fun!" Richardson leaped off the deck, a pair of wings looking like they were made of fire erupting from his back. He surged towards West's position, flaming sabre in hand, carving up random angel troops as he went.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Washington D.C. | United States of America
Time: Afternoon| January 2nd

Tajuh, David, Tomoya, Riki, Kud, Shadow

Tajuh worked at stabbing Tomoya, although the lightning made the effort a near exercise in futility. Each stab ans slash was parried by lightning, making it fairly frustrating to actually deal any damage. Tomoya's retaliatory swipe smashed into Tajuh's offhand arm, causing a painful jolt and leaving it too numb for an actual fight. Got careless... I need to get his attention on me so the two kids can do their thing!

He Continued to try to frustrate the Angel by otherwise proving to be a pain in the ass to land another solid hit. "You do have talent for being untrained. Such wild, unfocused swings are usually saved for schoolchildren playing baseball. It's impressive how you managed to adapt it, although I'm sure that you clipped yourself more than a few times when you first tried it." The backhanded insults may have made the Archangel even more angry, but there was a dangerous thing about fighting angry - it made a person fight sloppy.

Aftan | Akane | Devon | Ella | Fire Imps | Gabrielle

Devon followed with Ella as they entered the main area. "I'll be looking forward to that meal when we finish up here! C'mon, Ella!" The imps got back to their position and Devon asked them to try to make sure that there was no surprises in the building waiting for them.

Garm | Jenny | Lucifer | Lupito | Rugal | Slindis | Teri

Slindis made her way to another entrance of the capital with Rugal, Teri, and Garm. "Before we head in, is everyone okay? We won't have too much of a chance when we enter, so now's the time to call it out." She looked her body over, feeling ready to fight.

meanwhile, Jenny noted that Lupito had nearly gotten them to the location. First time having anything ride me. Pup, I hope you've not been too jarred. And I believe SLindis wanted the pup to live more calmly. I do not understand why, but the girl found a way out of the halls and started with exploring outside the halls around the hills.

Kurumu | Melethia | Puce

Melethia scowled at the archangel fighting David's group and pulled out the Kukris sheathed in acid. "You... you're the captain of the kinslayers, aren't ya? I had fun with your guys outside. Now it's time to start with you." The young girl sprung over to where Riki and Kud weere hiding and tried to spur them into action. "C'mon! You two gotta get your stuff into action!"

David, Richardson

David was fading in and out of consciousness as he laid on the steps of Congress.
At first, it seemed like Tomoya was going to win this battle.
He blinked, unaware how much time passed between his ass kicking and now.
As his eyes focused, he could have cried, Angel Ships, Angel ships as far as the eye could see, the battle increased 20-fold.
A flaming angel was nearing him, he repositioned himself into a last stand position, aiming his gun at the incoming "Angel".
"...David?...Is that you?" Richardson asked as he was aware he was being aimed at.
"...If you are going to shoot, you'd better no-"
Richardson did a self check as a Dark Angel behind him went down like a duck behind him.
"...What the fuck took you so damn long?..." David wheezed though a collapsed lung.

General Pint, Angel Spy

"WHAT!? UNIT!? THEY DARE INVADE AMERICA'S GOD GIVEN SOIL!?" The General raved as Jenkins, the Angel Spy, looked on in horror as their forces were laid to waste en mass.
If this keeps up, they could find themselves losing the battle.
"...General! The UN is going to take your guns!" He said to try and fix the situation.
"TAKE OUR GUNS!?...Oh....I knew this day would come. Jenkins, Patch me though"
UNIT then got this charming message:
"Attention Enemy Forces, This is General Pint. Pull out of DC or we will be forced to remove you. BY FORCE!"
The second this command was given, all remaining US Military forces began to open fire on UNIT forces.
"Jenkins, get me the launch codes..."
The Spy then smiled, Even if they lost this fight, Tomoya would have nuked another major city.

Rugal, Teri, Jenny, Slindis

Before Rugal could answer that, UNIT's attack took place and soon the whole city was now a total war-zone.
He seemed rather disturbed by the appearance of UNIT here, this was because he was on their "Top 10 most wanted" list at a respectable 3 behind Ken (Who caused the Monster Attacks last summer) and Tomoya.
"...Oh no...Not them...not now..." He let slip before the sight of American AA Guns attacking the UNIT fleet above them.
"Dammit...Pint must think they are Angel Ships. We need to stop him. No time to waste people. This way!" He said as he led his "Squad" onto the White House Lawn.

Angelus | Cadolbolg | Caim | Ton Ton

After another cultist fell to his sword, Caim changed blades again, this time to Moonfire. Not being around a bunch of people when in the midst of a battle was something that Caim was very thankful for. It let him play with his favorite toys that much more effectively. As the Angels descended, the warrior only gave them a dark grin in greeting, and charged head on.

Rugal | Teri | Jenny | Lucifer<- where the hell is he anyway? | Slindis

Teri dismounted the wolf after catching up with the rest of the party, and repeated Slindis' question to the dazed King of Fighters, "Mr. Bernstien? You never answered Ms. Slindis' question... Leaving a wound to fester is far more dangerous than getting a fresh one!"

As she followed after them, she kept an wary eye on the Tablet in case a new alert came up regarding anyone in the current party. Following that, she waved a hand over her water bottles, replenishing them in case things got nasty.


Great! Now if I so much as squeeze, these people will track it! Rugal thought as they neared the front of the White House, one of the few places in the entire world he could never get into.
"No need for concern, Ms. Gravel. If I am wounded, you and Slindis would be the first to know..." He stated as he opened the door to find a metal wall.
"Mmmm...Guess they must have locked the place down....I wonder..." He mused to himself as he tapped the blast door to get an idea of thickness.
"Okay stand back everyone, second this door goes down, they'll be onto us..." He warned as he stood in front of it and began trying to break it down.

Jenny meanwhile dismounted Luptio before giving him a nose rub. wasn't as bad as the first time! Thank you Luptio... she sent to him before frowning when she sensed 2 armed soldiers watching the door.
"Rugal, you can't just break down the door, the men behind it will shoot you on sight."
"And what makes them so special?..." He snarked as he kept beating on the door, it looked like it was about to give way.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Rising Dawn | Washington D.C.
Time: Afternoon

A.I. Vermilion | Jake | Kyre | Mark

Kyre climbed inside the drop pod uneasily and secured herself to the seat. Despite the reassurances of the Dramatist, she still did not feel at ease entrusting herself to a dead machine. Still, she gave an uneasy thumbs up once the safeties were all locked into place, and her swords and potions were stored safely in his belts and sheaths.

"Get me down there before it's over...." she said softly, the seeds of a warm smile hidden beneath her face.


Shadow looked at the chaos going on around and quickly ducked behind cover. He pulled out his 50 cal beretta sniper rifle with explosive tip rounds that he so loved. He then had Taytum transform into gun form.

He then leaned out of cover and shot at Toyoma. He then said "your saying I have an insanity problem? Coming from the guy who is trying to destroy the world.... yah I have problems...."

Rugal, Teri, Jenny, Slindis

Slindis looked at Rugal trying to force down the door and visualized breaking it down. It looked fairly thick, and there was no guarantee that her hits would do anything. She focused on the attacks, Hitting the door with attacks that were backed with earth Ki. The wall caved in slightly from each blow, below Rugal's attacks in strength but still far more than what the wall was built to deal with.

Slindis shifted to Fire Stance and spent 10 Ki to deal two Strikes of the Enduring to the Door, dealing 8 extra damage with each blow. With the added 8 points on each hit, they dealt 24 and 25 damage for a total of 49 damage.

Ki left: 31.

Lupito took note of Jenny's warning and waited at the ready to pounce. Slindis, be ready for some more fighting inside the den.

As for Teri? Sadei tried talking to her wielder through the maelstrom of emotions, but there wasn't much she could do.

Rugal, Teri, Jenny, Slindis

After a few more well placed strikes from both Him and Slindis, Rugal held back on the last touch to give an order.
"Jenny, when we are inside, put up a barrier on this entrance, no one in or out. Slin, the second this thing opens, blast them with fog or grease to disrupt their aim. Teri, watch for stray bullets. On 3..."

Meanwhile on the inside, two nervous cadets pointed their M4's at the door, ready to shoot what the hell ever was knocking on the Blast Door.
Their hands shook just a little as they braced for the worst.

"1...2...3!" Rugal said before using a massive back kick to bash down the door before retreating to the side as the guards blindly fired out the opening.
The group could hear alarm bells ringing as Pint's guards were alerted.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.
Weather: Black lightning.

Tomoya was still going crazy as his arms of dark lightning swung around crazy. "Power... need more... POWER!" Tomoya screamed as all the tentacles of Darkness punched through the ceiling. As the bullet from Shadow managed to hit Tomoya, his arm was blown off. Dark Tomoya only smirked as suddenly the ceiling was torn off from the building, exposing the room to the weather.


As black lightning descended down to repair the arm and protect it's master.

Riki & Kud.
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.
Weather: Black lightning.

The young couple were behind the open doors of the room where the Dark Archangel ran berserk and started to ruin the whole building. Both Riki and Kud examined the stone of Light which was on the floor. "Hmm, it was obvious the stone did something to Tomoya when it let out that light." Riki said as he held the stone close to him. "it seems that the Stone re-charges... but I don't know how hum~" Kud started to think as she remembered Tomoya's own stone of darkness.

"That hole... it may be possible... " Kud said once more as she recollected her memories when everyone met Tomoya in that room. "Did you find something?" Riki asked his lover, Kud looked uncertain. "Hehe, maybe... but we need to help everyone now." Said Kud as she looked back at the fight where Tomoya just ripped off the roof.

"Death... SO MuCH blood!" He yelled from the room. It was uncertain now if he could talk or have a peaceful way of getting out of here. "We do need to-huh!?" Riki yelped out as he noticed the glowing stone. Riki nodded to his younger lover as he ran out in the open, Tomoya noticed him but it was too late, the stone exploded and let out a burst of light in the room. "Ha... ha... you think that... FUCK!" He said as he looked down and saw that his arm was not repairing itself and his dark tentacles were missing.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.
Weather: Black lightning.

"You fucks!" He yelled out to everyone as his power was diminished even though he was exposed to lightning. The light burst had created a small blocking shield around him from gaining more power. Dark Tomoya just snarled as he held his hand which was missing.


"ummmm just.... holy shit...." Shadow muttered as he was a bit taken back but what had just happened. "Can I kill him? Or do we have to keep him alive" he asked as he aimed his sniper at Toyoma.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.
Weather: Black lightning.

"I'm not done yet, damn it!" Dark Tomoya yelled at them as he pulled out a single weapon from his side.

The shadow lightning sword he had created has faded away due from having his powers removed for a short time, giving everyone time for everyone to take him down. "Bring it!" Dark Tomoya said as he shot the side of Shadow's sniper which pinged off to the side of Shadow and left a small scratch which didn't do much damage.

Soon Tomoya jumped over the bench at the end of the room.


Shadow looked at his gun for a second in silent horror. He had shot his gun....

Toyoma had shot his gun..... HIS gun.



He set down his gun and grabbed Taytum. Taytum was slowly ingulfed in a blood red color that started from his hand and eventually completely engulfed her.

He then ducked behind a counter table (or whatever you call it) and shot at Toyoma. He then proceeded to leap over the counter and ducked behind the next one. Still firing at Toyoma the whole time.

Taytum seemed to have more kick as the explosions seemed to be bigger than when he was firing before.

Rugal, Teri, Jenny, Slindis

"Avoid bullets? No problem, but you should really speak for yourself, sir!"

Pulling out a scarp of parchment, the girl chanted, the parchment disintegrated and filled the girl's hand with a shimmering glow. Slapping the King of Fighters on the back, the glow faded to a shimmer and covered the Fighter's body.

Following right after that, the door burst open, and the girl took cover with the rest of em, Garm pushing her as close to the wall as the wolf could manage, a deep growl emitting from it's throat. The Cleric struggled to reach a water bottle in her satchel, due to being partially smooshed, but managed to start pouring out a water bottle, the floor getting a little wet in the process. However, the Water Elemental was able to spawn in front of the wolf, to which Teri yelled in Aquan, "Squishy, take out the guys shooting at us!"

Of course, to any around, the command only sounded like blubbering gibberish, thus not alerting the soldiers of the danger coming to them. By the time the bullets subsided for reloading, it was already too late. From what the first cadet could see, a pile of water slammed into him, stopping any screams from coming from the poor sap; and pinning him down. The last thing the other Cadet saw (before Rugal and Slindis got to him) was a shivering, human sized pile of water lifting up from his downed comrade and turning slowly to him; blubbering in that same gibberish the Cadets had heard a moment ago.

David, Richardson

"...What the fuck took you so damn long?..."

"Sheer Attrition, West." His wings dissipated as he approached the ensuing fight. "After turning the tide the war while you were all off looking for a magic stone, we thought you could use a bit of a hand." He offered his hand to the injured agent, helping him back up onto his feet. "I thought you could use this." He reached out with two speed loaders, each with anti-Angel ammunition. "What we used in Japan, if they move, they won't."

As David reloaded, the two overlooked The Emo Git's challenge. "Well then, we'll soon fix him. Agent West!" David lifted his Handcannon "Yeah Ritchie?" Richardson pointed subtly over to the other side of the room. "Chap with the wings there, Five Rounds Rapid."

David, Richardson

"...Yeah...Not like I nee-*Cough*...Medical attention..." David snarked before he did as he was told, blasting an entire clip of the special Ammo at Tomoya, managing to hit him with all of them.
On impact, the bullets seemed to act like Blast rounds, only these ones seemed to actually do something against the Arch Angel, this added with the fact he wasn't regenerating as well as he should made a world of difference.
Once he done, David fell at a knee held his side for a minute as he felt a large amount of pain.
"...Sorry...One of these days, I'mma-*Cough* gonna get of them...superpowers...oyyyy...You got this?" He asked as he wiped his mouth.

Rugal, Teri, Jenny, Slindis

The Cadets were soon downed by Squishy's attack, bullets being ineffective against water.
Thanks to the protection Teri gave him, Rugal was able to waltz in while the Water Elemental returned to its master.
"Jenny, The entrance, you need support, contact us." He said as he led the way into the White House.
It was much different to how it was portrayed in the News and on TV, It was more akin to a Military outpost then anything else which given the situation was understandable.

Jenny meanwhile did as she was told and set up rather tough glass like Reflect Barrier where the blast door used to be.
You all go on ahead, I'll watch the rear. Now move! she stated while he attempted to get any mental readings off the soldiers in the building.


As the men unloaded into the bench Tomoya was unloaded upon and his body was riddled of bullets. Blood had begun to pour out of the holes, well not blood but black liquid. The burst from the stone of light had blocked all of his powers, from angel to lightning. "CLArrg... I... I will not... di-... e." Dark Tomoya said to the sky as he reached for it but was shot once in the hand.

"Nag... isa... ugh." Tomoya said with all of his intent as the sky began to rain upon his corpse.

"Give me control... I can save you." A voice muttered in his head. Tomoya smiled as he recognized it.

>Corrupted File.
Location: Blackhawke | Archangel Armada | Around the Moon.

The hooded figure was once more looking onto the screen and frowned.
His main man still retained some of his humanity and free will... but did not want to die.
So as Dark Tomoya bled on the floor he proposed a deal.
"Give me control... I can save you." He smirked evilly.
The Dark Angel could only respond back with a smile and a small nod.

The boy smiled once more as he input enter on the console.
>Operation:Demon Commencing. It clearly said on the screen.

Dark Tomoya.
Location: Capitol Building | DC, America.
Time: 10 Am.
Weather: Black lightning.

Everyone could see the black liquid spilling everywhere near the table.
The stone in Tomoya's chest was absorbed into his body, it left a stone sized gap.
Once the man-made stone of darkness was absorbed, the black liquid stopped dead in it's track like if it had turned into ice.

The liquid started to return to it's owner and the body of Dark Tomoya was lifted into the air as the liquid re-entered the body. A sharp piercing tentacle replaced the exploded arm which Shadow had caused and the fake eye had melted away and been replaced by an eye patch.

The new look of Tomoya was nothing much different, except the fact that he had giant demons wings hang on the back of him instead of angel wings.

He was now a Demon Prince, not of Hell... but of evil.

A smirk appeared on the face of the now demon Tomoya but quickly returned to a frown.
His human hand gathered a dark liquid on it and soon an RPG had formed from the liquid.

"pff... humans... " He said as he fired a rocket at everyone as the hand returned to normal.

David, Richardson

"You got this?"

"Don't I always?" He produced a first aid kit, and set about patching West up. As he worked, the two missiles intend for the pair approached. He sighed, and pulled out his pistol to shoot both out of the air. If anyone was paying attention to him, it looked jarring, as if there was no movement between stances. Gun out, firing, and holstered within a second.

"Just for once I'd like to a threat that didn't have multiple super forms....." He quickly patched West up, he wasn't 100%, but he'd last for the rest of the battle.

Rugal, Teri, Jenny, Slindis

Teri grinned, having been key to taking out the skirmish for combat, a fact that Sadei noticed calmed her mind a little. If anything, battle made her stop thinking of the things that worried her. Whether or not this was a good thing, the staff could not tell...

Regardless, Teri gave the elemental a pat on the... Side? and said, "Good job, Squishy, but you're not going to last long. Follow Mr. Bernstein and follow any commands he gives you. It's okay if you don't return to the bottle."

To Rugal, he did not remember Teri's elemental being taller then HE was, and his bulk was enough to tower over the Cleric. Even in comparison to himself, the creature was a monster...

As they advanced, he asked, "Was he always that big? And how in the name of god can that thing fit in a bottle?"

The Cleric shrugged, "The change was fairly recent. He was like this when the mob attacked us. I'm pretty sure he gets bigger when I get stronger. As for your last question... You answered it yourself! Oh Lord, grant us your gift, and quench our thirst!"

She waved her hands and covered the floors ahead with more water; although slightly uncomfortable to those with boots, there was a distinct increase in Squishy's speed when it's body touched the water, and it was now able to keep pace with the King of Fighters. This proved to be quite fruitful, as the beast had then slammed into the next guard ahead of them, knocking down the poor bastard as it did so.

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