Unforgotten Realms: Episode 46: Stylish and Delicious

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I guess the stairs were an opticaaaaal illuuuuusion...

Anyone else notice the magic disappearing stairs at the start?

Also loved the scene where Captain Tinkertonk is being eaten

EDIT: Seems people did notice the stairs

As I said on the urealms forums as well, amazing episode. Oh, and I'm in the loop! yeah!

that was a great episode but a very sad one, i hope you sell enough dvds so you can continue the series yourself.

Did the stairs disappear at 1:35?

Yup, it was the staircase of IIILUUUSIOOOOOOOOONSSSSS!

I'm definitely going to miss this show, I'll head to Urealms every weak now I guess. It's more of a "Nevar Forget" sort of thing.

All people that loved the show should buy a dvd!

that way he'll have enough stuff to make another season!

where it'll be posted nobody knows, so go on buy the dvd when it comes out!


You guys will be missed....

Goodbye Unforgotten Realms, you always were my favorite and will be dearly, dearly missed :(

man thats the entire reason i came to the Escapist was to watch UR. wow this sucks :(

I will follow this series through internet sites, come Hell, come Kobolts or come culling.

I am truly saddened by URealms leaving. Thank you very much Rob. URealms filled my days with laughter and gave me a reason to be excited about thursdays. When the DVD comes out, I will certainly buy it and I will tell my friend to also buy it. This show is truly amazing, and I hope everyone buys a DVD so that it can continue.

well its been a great year, farewell and good luck.

Hang on a minute, surely he won't...stairs disappearing, episode is an illusion, and a cunning lie to get us to buy the DVD. Hmmmmm...I wait with baited breath.

Um... Did that staircase just vanish out of nowhere?

I came here from Urealms... And now the ride is over huh? I hate being a student, or otherwise I would by six dvd sets of the first season....

Good Job, Rob. Good luck for your future endeavors! You'll still be posting here....right?

Darnit, I will hate to see this show go. I will buy the DVDs, and I would love for Rob to finish up with the show. I mean cmon dude, I don't even know why Schmoopy has a mustache in the theme song!

But anyway, thanks for the great show Rob, and please try to make some more after a while, even though you said it was finished.

im sorry MR tinkertonk *crying* munch munch

...wait, WHAT?! This is it???
I watched every single episode of UR and only a few weeks ago I got the guts to subscribe and join this crazy community to discuss the random threads while entertaining myself with this serie to find out it's gone...
Maelstrom, Timmy the Evil, the gems! Such an amazing plot came to a halt! I still have hope it won't be forever.

I will always miss the wrath of the canadian lumber casting a spell with his monocle! Koboooold!

PS: The image of Mike alone in the basement with Rob voice in the background made me shed a tear. :'(

PPS: Oh yes! Best part of the episode - "It's an optical iluuuuusioooon."

:O I. Am. Very. Confused.

Edit: Wait, it's not that you got fired or anything is it?

Now everyone will hate summercamps. Whatever, I allways like this show. It is one of some series wich hook me up to this site. My feelings are that I am just sad about this ending.

My last words in this comment are

Thanks Rob.


I haver every ep on my computer But I shall still buy the dvd/s multiple copies one set for me one for my friends who like the series and maybe 1 or 2 to keep robs money flowin so he may keep making this show that said will season's 1,2 and 3 be sold as one dvd or as 3 indiviual dvd's will they be available n commercial stores or only from his website and if the commercial case is true is there going to be an aussie release? Cos it sucks paying the postage to get stuff shipped from the usa... BUT I WILL IF NEED BE

2 last points apart from the vanishing stairs comment a surprising lack of the usual b*tching or whining is everyone trying to get on rob's good side so he doesn't stop all of a sudden?

And finally ending what will probably be my last escapist post as it has now finished this brilliant series and I don't comment on zp the only other show I watch

"God do you ever stop complaining? First it's No Gaary dont kill my pig and then its no gaary please don't eat my pig, and then it's No gaary please don't skin my pig and make it intop a helmet and now this"
small qualm just to nullify my previous point wouldn't the pig be skinned and the eaten not the other way around? Sorry but I never saw how death should change ones perspective of eople places or4 things and this show is no exception always loved it always will

wow, i'm saddened by this, this is second only to yhatzee in terms of pure awesome video. Oh and according to the site it is over on the escapist

Everyone must go to www.urealms.com and buy a DVD as soon as it comes out. This will help Rob amnd he will be able to make more episodes based on how much money he can get. So plz, If you really like URealms, buy 1 or more to support this awesome show.


WOW i followed UR to Escapist and now its leaving, i am sad and wish i knew what the hell is going on.......KOBOLD!


Unforgotten Realms was something that I looked forward too during each passing week, and the reason I first came to the escapist. It is a shame to see it leave. I suppose I will have to track it down again once the DVDs come out.

Still, congratulations to Rob on his new job, and i hope it is a success.

WTF!!!!!!!!!!! NO LONGER ON ESCAPIST!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

im crying....=*(

Thank the Lord Thor! It's here!

Edit: Actually, fuck Thor. Loki's messing with us. We really need to buy those DVDs. I want more. We gotta keep it going! Come on!


look its not coming to an end forever it's just not going to be on the escapist its either gonna be on newgrounds or it's going to be on urealms and since the escapist is not giving him money to make it he needs to sell the dvds for money to make the episodes so its not over just not going to be on for a while.

Hope to see you back again someday, Rob

The stairs, they disappeared. Tell me I'm not the only one who saw that at the beginning...

Also, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. It's over for here...

Also I love Shmoopy's eyes when he says Captain Twinkletongue.

I just came back urealms.com. Tha front page was really depressing. Don't worry Rob. I'll buy the hell out of your DVDs. Please keep us posted on what's happening on your end, OK?

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