Zero Punctuation: Saboteur

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ROFL. This is probs the funniest one so far. "Hitler shoots himself just in time for the Russians to turn up and laugh at his Monobollock." :):)

Personally, I enjoyed this game. Probably because I never get an end of amusement in blowing things that are Nazi up but while reading through this thread I was thinking to myself "how to make a game based on a war that is not powered armored space marines or WW2?" and the answer is not existent. Well I suppose the game industry should at least TRY something other than WW2, modern combat with either Russians, North Koreans, Arabs or Americans, or Space Marines such as say a stealth/survival game based in Vietnam or something relating to Korea. Oh but who am I kidding this is the internet lets make a modern combat and put tits on it and it will sell a ton.


Megametalwolf :
what you said about the irish is very offensive man, you show your british colours with this you fucking english cunt

Except, Yahtzee is Australian.

Well, he lives in Australia.

To be honest, this is one of my favorite games, just due to how damn beautiful it is.

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