Show About Games Show: Kinectimals & Big Planets

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Did everyone else start singing along at the end?

loved lbp part, didnt know why the guy in the window was laughing, didnt get the unicycle, probably from a game ive never seen

I love the scripting of this and the pilot, but the acting is about mediocre.
Keep trying, though.

The first part was realllly creepy. For the little big planet bit: That's what happens when people have too much time on their hands and get paid for it. You get awesome!

When this show won the contest, I continually said that the show wouldn't have legs for very long. However, that last segment I think proved me completely wrong with a display of absolute creativity. It was absolutely amazing. You definitely put the time you had before your debut episode to good use.

That LBP thing was EPIC!

that little big planet section was awesome!

The guy in the first sketch totally looks like Graham Chapman :D

First skit was a bit lame. A lot of build-up with very little funny. The unicycle thing wasn't much better. I was just about to click away when the LBP thing started.
No offence or anything, but DAMN I did NOT expect something so epic to come out of nowhere like that. It's just unheard of...

Maybe you guys should give up on the lukewarm comedy sketches (i.e. the acting parts) and instead focus on more intensely creative segments like that one. It seems to be a strength.

Really dig that Little Big Planet scene. I don't even have LBP and I thought that was awesome.

I hate you. I hate you all so much. The LBP scene was cool, but literally everything else they have shown me is, on the funny scale, five steps below Family Guy, and two above massacre of blind orphans.

I don't think I've watched any video on here I've ever had such strong differing emotions about. It started very weak with bland creepy humor that had real pacing issues. I nearly turned it off and then Little Big Planet part came on and I wanted to share that bit with everyone I knew as it was so well done. So, plenty of work to be done, but significant potential.

I think I'm not on my own when I say that the Furry kinectimals sketch overstayed its welcome, still funny regardless. LBP sketch was incredible, that would have been so much work.

Oh yes, and I totally thought I was the only one who played Uniracers.

Ok, I do admit the LBP section was pretty cool, but honestly, the rest of it was....well....retarded. The pilot was infinitely better.

that was...
that wassss...............

I appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into that Little Big Planet skit...but the Kinectamals one wasn't was freaking creepy

The little big planet thing was cool but your sketch comedy sucks

I didn't find the kinectanimalsplurgyworgy thing funny at all.

However I did think the Little Big Planet thing was absolutely amazing.

Kinectimals: Genuinely funny at the start, then I only laughed because of the obvious cliches... then the guy laughing in the window got me.
Uniracers: Wow, that's a nice reference. Wait, what do you mean, you're not expanding on it? You gave Cooking Mama 3 spots (as a set-up to a larger gag, admittedly).
LBP: What more can be said? IT. WAS. AWESOME. More awesome than a bunch of guys playing with dolls deserve to be. And now, I have that music stuck in my head.

Little Big Planet saved this episode. Too bad it wasnt a comedy sketch.

That little big planet scene was insane.

it was Little Big Insane!

I'm... I'm speechless.

This was awesome. Nice start.

the first section was......'interesting' but the LBP ending was golden I loved it

Ok, for most of that episode I was just like "meh," but then the LBP part came... and then I came.

That's all I have to say about that.

That's it. I'm getting LBP... on my PSP since I don't have a PS3 ($300 or more my a**!)

omg that little bigplanet part made me sooooo happy inside :)

I was in a terrible mood before I watched this. Just know that you guys are seriously awesome for making this and I really look forward to next episode.

At first I was like :/

But then I was like :O... :D :D :D

One problem for a sketch show i think it needs to be quicker and more rapid fire. but they were fantastic none the less, well done.

(You could have cut everything beyond the scratching after the reveal of the Furry edition.

I demand MOAR!


The LBP sketch was pure awesome. I don't think I have smiled that much in a long time. The rest was funny too.

LBP was awsome!

The tiger thing was weird, but the littlebigplanet thing was amazing

Well, to be honest the Kinectimals sketch didn't have me chuckling, and although I got the Unicycle Rally reference, it didn't impress me.

Then you ended with that Little Big Planet routine.

Well done :)

Words cannot describe how cool that LBP segment was.

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