Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Detective Games

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Wait wait, I thought LA Noir was an absolute flop? Wasn't it one of those games that after about a week everyone realized it wasn't even close to the hype and it just kinda' faded away?
I remember I put it down about...3/5th through simply because I was so uninterested with the characters or story. Lisa said there was great character performance, but it was so uncanny valley for me. Just overly expressive faces and bad voice acting, like everyone was doing a Joker impression, and a bad one at that.

In the first part of the game the interrogations are overacted in order to make it easier to pick out if they're lying. I remember Yahtzee saying an appropriate final boss would be a long interrogation with someone that's hard to read, as opposed to a big battle -- I believe we actually got this with Leland Monroe (played by John Noble). Yeah, it's a while from the actual ending of the story, but Half-Life 2 had its tough boss fight with the big strider battle, a while before the end, and I think that worked pretty well. Hell, getting 100% on Monroe's interrogation gets you an achievement, so I think the developers thought it was tough enough to warrant special recognition.

My only problem with L.A. Noir is the absolute lack of replay value. Once you have played though the cases, there is basically nothing to do and no challenge in replaying the main story. However the game is a marvel in video game acting!

I'm replaying it right now more than two years after I finished it last time. I remember some things, but I've forgotten enough that the interrogations are just as tough as the first time -- not to mention if I messed it up the first time around, I have no memories to rely on.

Aw man, I woulda chosen Danganronpa and Ace Attorney over 999 and Layton, respectively. Or had them both, but then the list would feel kinda samey, wouldn't it?

Ah well, good vid as always, so I can't really complain

Surprised no one's mentioned Discworld Noir yet, a really great detective game with some clever twists. And yes, as several others said, Gabriel Knight.

Your cat stole the show so hard it isn't even funny.

Oh no, it didn't, let me tell ya. I'll leave this here:

That is all.

PS.: j/k

I'm a little surprised at The Wolf Among Us getting no love here. I do understand it's episodic and technically "not finished yet", but it's a gripping detective story, nonetheless.

On the other hand, maybe The Wolf Among Us doesn't quite "qualify" as a detective game, being a Telltale-trademark interactive storybook...

Also, I would mention games like the Myst series, for their focus on mystery-solving, though not exactly "detective" work per se.

I was thinking the same thing about the Myst Series, or even Zork.. The Return to Zork and Zork Nemesis games were great!

At least the case of the Mysterious Vomit will be easy to crack!
Kevin is AWESOME!!!! <3

I love 999, I wish more people knew about it. I am happy to see that it does have a good cult following. It has a story that is absolutely mind blowing and the puzzles are a whole lot of fun.

The Next Big Thing was a pretty good game. Though I suppose it's disqualified since it's about reporters and not detectives.

5 is too short for this, as you've neglected Phoenix Wright and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. Ghost Trick should have gotten #1 in my book, way better than LA Noire to me.

Another fun list as always, Lisa. I do need to pick up LA Noir one of these days. Top it off, looking gorgeous as always. ;P

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