Richard Garriott is Back in the Game

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At first....when I read Garriott is coming back to gaming my mind screamed "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" in apt horror.

Then I read the article.....and I laugh. Seeing the man fall to such an embarrassing depth, with the size of that obnoxious self obsessed ego of his pleases me more than if a penguin tap danced in wearing a top hat and brought me pizza and a mountain dew.

I feel bad for guys like Garriott. He tried something, and it failed so catastrophically he had to reevaluate his whole career. I hope he can get back into more creative prospects, because having another useless shovel-ware company is bad enough without someone as crazy/creative as him being shackled to it for a paycheck.

We actually played some Sweet @$! Poker last night (don't tell Russ) and it was pretty good. Simple mechanics and it tied in nicely with the Facebook friends list, so setting up and joining games was very easy. The only complaint we had was the "raise" slider, which is very touchy, but eventually someone figured out that you can just type in the amount you want to raise, so that took care of that.

It seems like a very good poker game, but... it's a poker game. (And yes, I realize that Facebook poker isn't actually the long-term point of all this, but come on, isn't that particular market segment pretty well-serviced already?)

So much hate towards Richard, you'd think he ate your babies.

Lord British is releasing a Texas Hold'em game?

Am I on Candid Camera? Come on, where'd you hide the camera, where's Ed McMahon? Am I on TV?! HI MOM!!

Andy Chalk:
I liked the idea of Tabula Rasa, I just think Garriott overextended himself technologically. And unlike 20 or 30 years ago, modern audiences generally won't put up with that.

But Richard Garriott's Sweet Ass Poker? Wow, dude.

It seems like his new thing is this cross platform browser plugin thing. He's probably just testing it with something simple first like a poker game. It makes sense to make sure it works properly before releasing Lord British's Bikini Beach Party Killobonanza on it. Hell it's good to see that crazy bastard back in the game. I'll have foward this Sweet @$! poker game to some of my friends on facebook.

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