Paste?s Top 50 FPS of All Time

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Well for me, I'd have to say 60 fps is the best. It provides smooth gameplay and pretty much any worth while machine can run- Oh you meant as in shooters.

The original Doom is not that good. Most influential is not the same thing as best.

Yeah, that's generally my issue with these style of lists. IDK how someone'd get Doom being better then Doom 2, other then "Well, it was first". As compared to UT to UT2004, where maybe they don't like vehicles, the jump in some other cases is just layers of polish on a janky first draft.

Seth Carter:

Yeah, that's generally my issue with these style of lists. IDK how someone'd get Doom being better then Doom 2, other then "Well, it was first".


Every Doom game I've played, with the exception of Doom 2, has been somewhat unique in the context of its series. Doom 1/3/2016 all do different things. Doom 2 is simply more of the same of Doom 1. It does add some monsters and weapons, but that isn't enough to defeat the feeling of monotomy.

Also, I find that Doom 1 is presented better. Now, Doom 1 is hardly a masterpiece of storytelling, but there's at least something interesting going on in its settings. We start with Phobos (a purely human environment), go to Deimos (where Hell is starting to overtake the base), and then Hell itself. It's a nice case of visual storytelling. Doom 2 lacks any of this, and all of its bridging story is told via text.

Doom 2 isn't bad, but it's easily my least favorite installment of the series.

There you go.

Who the hell used the mouse to move in Doom?! For fine aim left and right, sure, but most people I knew used the arrow keys.

I used keys initially but I switched in the mid 90s. It's clearly the superior control method, even with the forward/back movement.


Fortunately most source ports let you disable the forward/backward mouse binding

You could do that in the original too. You could alter all of the controls.

Nope. You could disable the mouse altogether, but there was no option in the game or in the setup utility to disable just the forward/backward mouse binding while still using the mouse to turn. Someone actually wrote a TSR called Novert that disabled vertical mouse movement just to play Doom with the mouse.

Some releases of Doom, such as the versions you get with the Doom 3 BFG Edition, fix this issue. But you will get it if you play the original through DOSbox.


[quote]and some give you a jump button.

As far as I'm aware, only those that run their own engine. I.E. Skulltag, et al.

Not entirely sure what you mean by that. The Eternity Engine plays demos correctly, so it is close enough to the original, and also allows jumping.

Garrett Martin:
41. Destiny

Regardless of whether you enjoy Destiny or not, it's hard to deny that it's a unique approach to creating a first-person shooter.

Seriously? Borderlands already did everything Destiny did. Bungie, where hast thou gone? Oh, down the Activision hole. That's right.

Timesplitters 2

Alright, that's fair. But you guys do have the third one somewhere in here, righ-... What? Seriously? TS3 made TS2 almost entirely irrelevant!

Jim Vorel:
9. Goldeneye 007

... it doesn't hold up all that well today in either single or multiplayer modes, which are crippled by the incredibly clunky controls and inability to see more than 20 feet into the distance, but none of that really matters.

Bullshit. It matters, Jim. It's a biggy. A big biggy. It even states in this same damn article that PD is better than GE in every way. I wouldn't have cared that GE is on this list but PD is rated 20 ranks lower than GE. I think the writers here need to put down that crack pipe.

Javy Gwaltney:
19. Unreal Tournament

This should be WAY the hell higher. Like, in the Top 5.

Suriel Vazquez:
13. Half-Life 2

I'm actually really torn on this one. HL2 gave us a lot in terms of new things to see and the Source engine itself is pretty nice, but the actual gameplay has aged pretty horribly and it's definitely not something I'd recommend newcomers to the FPS genre should play. It's a lot like GoldenEye in that regard.

Patrick Lindsey:
7. Halo: Combat Evolved

A worthy addition, but Halo 3 is missing. If I have to choose between Halo 2 or 3 though, it's gonna be 3. Reach also needs a place on this list too even if it's not that high at all.

Reid McCarter:
5. Bioshock

BioShock was pretty darn good but it wasn't Top 5 good at all. Especially compared to some other entries.

Patrick Lindsey:
4. Far Cry 2

THANK YOU for giving some love to FC2 finally. Again, I don't know if it really deserves a spot in the Top 5 but alright.


Notable absences:

Halo 3
Timesplitters: Future Perfect
Serious Sam: The First Encounter
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Aliens vs. Predator 2
Far Cry

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